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Iron Woody Bands vs X3

Hi all,

I previously bought the complete 5 band set from Iron Woody. However, given that I may not have gym access for several more months, I’m wondering if I should purchase the X3-since it had 500lbs of resistance-or if this would be redundant with my current bands… links below and any info I’d be much obliged!



Also considering this

I’ve been doing lots of stuff with just the bands.

That X-3 thing looks like the same bands you already have, plus a neat handle and that little platform to stand on.

I think you could get pretty similar results standing on the band and just grabbing it. Or using something from the garage as a handle.

The other thing looks kinda gimmicky. If you’ve got some way to anchor your bands at different heights I think you could recreate most of what you could do with that thing.

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