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Iron Wolfe Bench Bar Weight?

Anyone here have any idea of how much the iron Wolfe bench bar weighs?

About theeefiddy.

Throw it on some scales. Ez

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No scales at my gym that are accurate hahah

Aren’t you trying to compete in the IPF? They don’t use bench bars, the same 20kg bar for all three lifts.

You can look up the bar online or contact either the manufacturer or someone who sells the bar.

What’s special about a bench bar?

Make a huge as see saw then put the bar on one side and plates on the other end until it balances out

Seems like it is 55lbs (bit thicker and longer)… just ask on their Facebook page for confirmation - their webpage seems borked.

IPF doesn’t use a 55lb squat bar?

Do they use a deadlift bar?

I had to use the bar because the other people were using it on the competition bench so I said whatever. But I usually use the power bar

Your question has already been answered. :wink:

The same thing that is special about a squat bar or deadlift bar.

in my opinion nothing

I never knew there was such a thing as bench bar…