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Iron Will Challenge - Rio Rancho, NM

PROMOTER: Clay Edgin

DATE: December 10, 2005

TIME: Weighins at 9:00 am, Rules at 9:30, Contest starts at 10:00

LOCATION: Defined Fitness 4080 Ridgerock Road, Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124 (Take Highway 528 North, Left onto High Resort Road, first right into parking lot)

DIVISIONS: Women: all weights. Men: Lightweight (under 200), Middleweight (201-264), Heavyweight (265+), Masters (over 40 years old)


  1. Tire Flip Medley - Women do 3 flips each with 300, 400, 500lb tires. Men do 3 flips each with 500, 800, 1000lb tires. Timed event.

  2. Clean and Press for Reps _ Women use 90lbs on 2" axle. Masters and LW Men use 180lb 12" wooden log, MW and HW Men use 225lb 12" steel log. Competitors must clean once, press for reps.

  3. Thick Handle Farmer?s Walk (2" Handles) 100ft, unlimited drops ? Women: 100lbs per hand. Masters and LW Men - 210 per hand, MW 250 per hand, HW 300 per hand.

  4. Yoke/Sled Medley 50ft each way - Women walk 200lbs, drag 100lbs. Masters and LW Men walk 500lbs, drag 150lbs. MW Men walk 575lbs, drag 200lbs. HW walk 650lbs, drag 250lbs.

  5. Atlas Stones - 5 stones to 48": Women - 100-230lbs. Men - 230-375lbs

Events subject to change without notice, but I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

AWARDS: Trophies for 1-3 place in each division

ENTRY FEES: Existing NAS Members pay $30, New Members pay $5 entry fee plus $35 membership fee to North American Strongman, Inc. Be ready to show
your NAS Membership Card if you are an existing member.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Entries must be postmarked December 1, 2005. Late fee is $10

MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Clay Edgin, 816 Rodeo Loop SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 (Entries received are non-refundable)

I may swap the 1050 tire for a new 1126 tire I just got today because the tread is much nicer and I think the 1050 is really closer to 950 based on comparisons to this new tire.

I’m hoping that there are some men and women in the Southwest who aren’t afraid of competing in 30-40 degree weather!

There is a Ramada Limited hotel right next door to the gym, and a Days Inn within walking distance.

PM me for more info.

Entries so far:

Alexis Spanovich (NM)
Jeniffer Littleton (NM)
Shannon Moran (IL)

Warren Wylupski (NM)

LW Men:
Bradley Schofield (AZ)

MW Men:
Travis Clary (NM)
Scott Porter (AZ)
Shawn Littleton (NM)
Chris Anderson (NM)

HW Men:
Clay Edgin (NM)
Nick Detman (IL)