Iron Toxicity

Was wondering if anyone knew if it’s possible to get an iron overdose by eating lots of meat and green veggies and vit C. I’m eating a lot of meat, and take 3 g of vitamin C (pill form. Not including the amount i get from food sources) every day with lots of kales, and heard how too much iron can cause damamge to your liver and heart.
So what do you guys think?

It IS possible to iron over dose.

It’s a lot harder for women who menstruate to have too much iron, due to the bleeding and what not.

For a person with a normal functioning endocrine system and liver that it’s pretty damned hard to over dose from whole food sources, unless the food sources are tainted.

A simple blood test can determine your iron levels.

Thanks man. I found a very good article on it
Keep the Iron on the Bar