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Iron Relation to HCT

So I know the body uses iron to make rbc’s and having low iron can lead to a lower rbc count but can having a higher range iron count lead to increased rbc count? Before starting trt I was on clomid therapy. I did well on it but when I came off me t levels always dropped. I was on for close to a year but decided for myself it wasn’t the best long term and switched to injectable T. While on clomid my hct stayed around 47-48 and before clomid was 45.

My iron was always on the higher end of the range and my ferritin was also high at around 380. On a second iron test about a month later my iron was still in the higher end of the range but ferritin was around 300. My Dr explained that ferritin is an inflammation marker and could have been elevated during the first test as a result of severe seasonal allergies. Now in Sept I had my yearly physical and my hct was 48. I went to my new T doctor a week later and she redid a blood panel and my hct was 43.

I had donated blood between tests. I went on T 100mg a week with hcg 250iux2 and Arimidex. When tested at the four week mark my hct was back up to 50 already. I donated blood and we retested again at 6 weeks and hct was back to 50. I feel like my hct is rising very rapidly on the T and I don’t like it. I recently found out my well water was pretty high in iron which would explain why my levels were always highish. Would all that iron contribute to the faster rise in hct?

You should check to see if you are using any iron fortified foods or vitamins.

Are you injecting 1x100 or 2x50? Peak T is a factor.

yes, your well water could be a factor

Any other males living at home who might have high iron?
Or women who are menopausal.

Some really do have problems with HTC when on TRT, again T peaks may be a critical factor.

No vitamins or fortified foods except for leafy greens. Wife is not menopausal so her iron is good. I drink a lot of water so I would say just at home I was drinking 5-6 glasses a day of the well water. Wife doesn’t drink a lot of water at home. I just switched to 50x2 injections. I was doing 100x1 because I was traveling for work and it was just easier. Never felt any highs and lows and always felt great. While doing 100x1 my trough 5 days after injection was mid 800s which means my peak was probably pretty high. The peak makes sense for the hct. I’m hoping the iron was a big part of it because I don’t want to be stressing about how fast my hct is climbing between donations. If it’s climbing back to 50 in four weeks that’s too much. I know sometimes it settles down as the body adjusts but it’s causing me some stress.

It could be a combination of iron and the fact that some on TRT have this problem. Some do reduce their T dose.

No labs here… But when someone states that they drink large amounts of water, I note that that is a symptom of diabetes. Fasting glucose or A1C labs?

I just drink a lot of water because it’s good for me. I shoot for about 90oz a day at a body weight of 190. I don’t have any labs with me but from memory my a1c was mid 4s. Definitely no diabetes. Low T seems to be from multiple concussions from sports. Everything is good now and feel good on the dose. Hopefully eliminating the well water and splitting the dose will help the hct and slow it down.

Time for a water filter.
Water softeners can take out smaller amounts of iron. But you can’t drink softener water.
Any sign that iron affects your laundry?

Yes I guess I will have to look in to a better filtration system other than the sediment filter. I never noticed it affecting laundry but now looking back my white cotton t shirts tend to yellow over time. Had blood drawn on Tues for Dr appt next week. Will be interesting to see where hct is. Been 6 weeks since last donation. Will donate and get bloods done in another four weeks to see if hct slows without the water and on new 50x2 protocol.

Water filters: You need a iron capable softener and a reverse osmosis for drinking. Get a water sample tested. If you are looking at DIY, find someone who can test and sell you hardware. A softener can be a big job as you need to run new pipes to -
locations needing hard water:

  • refrigerator [would like RO water]
  • outside faucets
  • taps where you get water for house plants

When you install a softener, it can be a while before pipes become demineralized and water heater could be stoned. When you get soft water, your clothes will become demineralized, but rust may not leave.

Heres a question, what are the expected result for someone who has a ever depleting ferritin from iron deficiency that goes on trt? Does trt cure that ferritin issue? Lets also say that the anemia has had all tests done and is completely unexplained. Is TRT known to resolve or aleviate?