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Iron Radio Podcast with Bill Pearl


Hi guys (and gals),
I don't usually announce episodes but we just interviewed Bill Pearl - one of very few guys who still leaves me a little awe-struck. He just turned 80 and I don't want any younger guys to miss a chance to listen to this living legend and truly class act.

EVENT: Iron Radio With Returning Guest Bill Pearl
TOPIC: Perceptions of bodybuilders
DATE & TIME: Wed., March 2nd (recorded)

Please visit http://www.IronRadio.org for past episodes and other great pod casts.


Very excited to listed to this. I knew OF Bill for years, but just last year happened to pick up and read his autobiography. Finally I understood just why he is so highly regarded by everyone in the industry. Looking forward to downloading this onto my Ipod and listening when I have spare moments.



Wow! Thank you very much, Lonnie!
I've been in the iron game for more than 20 years now and Bill has always been one of me heroes!


I've had some heroes that didn't necessarily live up to what was in my head. Some spectacularly not so. I'm happy to say that Bill has exceeded all of my impressions of him though the years. He's honorable, intelligent, STILL big and strong and every bit deserving of our praise and gratitude.

Regarding books, after the podcast, I quickly bought his new master work about strength and muscle building throughout human history. I haven't read a Bill Pearl book since his "Universe" titles, ages ago!


Hi Lonnie, just wanted to chime in that I'm a huge iron radio fan. Safe to say my attitude towards training has changed a lot (for the better) since hearing Bill on your show. Keep up the good work!