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Iron, my wife

People and family have been telling my wife that she looks pale & white looking. She’s anemic & has known for about a year but never did anything for it. She’s now taking an iron supplement which has 27 mg. of iron.

What else should she do? Are there certain foods she should be eating?

Yes, there are certain foods that are “iron rich”. Here’s what I did after I saw your post: I went to a search engine (excite.com) and entered the following search words: iron diet. A whole bunch of sites regarding iron rich diets appeared. Including drkoop.com - he had a good straight forward article about what foods to eat if iron deficiancy is a concern. I suggest you do a similar search on the internet.

apparently just pumping iron into the system does litle to address anemia - the most important thing is that you get other nutrients in order to absorb the iron. from memory vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid are required

try dessicated liver