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Iron Mind Rack Questions

I have the Iron Mind Vulcan rack and spotter bars; I love them! Couple questions for you guys.

  1. Is there any way for my attach band pegs to this rack? Ideally I would have went with a full power rack but my ceiling in my basement is really low so the Iron Mind rack/spotter system was the best I could do.
  2. I have the pull up bar attachment (also love it, being a midget enables me to do chin ups without smashing my head in the ceiling). I am looking to add a pulley system to enable me to do weighted tricep pull downs, lat pulldowns, face pulls, pull throughs, horizontal rows, etc. as I’m just using bands for this type of work now. If I use the attached pull up bar I wonder whether it could handle the pulley system. I tend to think so given I’m around 190 and chin up on it, but I didn’t know if there’s another consideration I need to take into account.

All feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance!

What are the spotter bars?

I was looking at the Vulcan Racks III system. Is that the one you have?

The “Pillars of Power”


I own these products, but can’t personally attest to either questions. I’ll say that I WOULDN’T use bands on the pillars, since they’re not anchored to anything. I think a pulley system would work on the chinning bar, but can’t say.

I was referring to using it on the chin up bar.

Yes, Vulcan.

:+1: Thanks.

That set up looks too light to attach bands to, and anchoring to the floor would be contrary to its design.

That’s a tricky one.

All about bands and squats. At 5:00 Wenning shows how to anchor bands with plates.