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Iron Mind, MILO, and Other Products

Anyone ever bought stuff from there?

Especially stuff like “Just Protein” or even the Captains of Crush stuff or books.

Any opinions?

I purchase from Ironmind frequently. Their lifting straps are the best, the crush grippers and all the other stuff in the catalog is great, and customer service is top notch as well.

I had a subscription to Milo for years and ended up purchasing most of the back issues. I let it run out two years ago because the cost kept going up.

I’ve tried “Just Protein” and I hated it! No matter what, I couldn’t mask the taste. Some people love it, but just like Grow! Whey, I couldn’t get used to the “natural” flavor.

Iron Mind also has some good equipment. The five-star bench is pricey, but nice (but I prefer the bench I got from Ironmaster.com). The only equipment I didn’t like was the sandbag kit. It’s not a good or useful kit. I recommend other sandbags that you can get from Iron Woody or Josh Henkin.

Overall, you’ll be very happy with most purchases from Iron Mind.

All I have purchased have been books from them, an they usually came in a timely manner.
Someone bought me a “TWIST YOUR WRIST” & Eagle Loops from them , overall I am satisfied w/ how well both have kept up.

Good, seems like everyone loves the place

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
Good, seems like everyone loves the place[/quote]

Yes, they are fantastic. As Nate said, the stuff is generally pricey but well built. I have several CoC grippers and the hip belt; both products are top notch. Highly recommended company.

I got a subscription to milo, it’s the best mag out there imo. i also just ordered 10 back issues today. i have apollon’s axel & twist yo wrist, both are great. i also have their straps but they are very slick, but have just read about breaking them in, so i’ll try that to see if it works.

I’m another lover of Iron Mind. If fact I just ordered a book last Friday afternoon and it arrived Monday morning? Didn’t pay for extra shipping either.

Oh yeah, I love IronMind so much that I get a hard on from looking at the free catalog they send you.

Top that!

I bought the books IronMind, Winning Ways, and the Olympic Lifting manual.

I also got one of those blue webbing belts, you could probably use it to tow a car or something.

The first two books are really good for motivation and tips on evaluating yourself and your progress.

Good quality stuff. Can’t wait until I get money to buy more!

Excellent people to do business with. A bit pricey (especially the s&h), but all their equipment is top of the line and will last for years. I recently bought their Vulcan racks, pillars and a buffalo bar as well as some smaller stuff like bags, squat belt etc. couldn’t be happier about my purchases. Shipping was lightning fast too. barely a week to get my stuff coast to coast.

Tell me more about them Vulcan Racks. That’s the first thing I want to order.

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
Tell me more about them Vulcan Racks. That’s the first thing I want to order.[/quote]

worth every penny. I couldn’t fit a regular cage in my basement because of the low ceilings so the Vulcan stands were my 2nd option. But so far so good. The pictures in the catalog and on the web site don’t do them justice. They are thick, sturdy and just as strong as any rack, they drop down low enough so you can bench out of them and the pillars also drop low enough so you can do high rack pulls off of them. They’re also light enough to be able to move around the room and store in the closet without too much hassle either.

Been reading MILO for years. Written for it too.

Love their products…COC grippers are the best. I’m close to closing the #3…and at the store the other day, the clerk let me try the Heavy Hands 300lb model, and I slammed it shut lol…big difference.

The only product I had a problem with was the hardy handshake…a good product, but too wide for my small hands.

Their shirts are really high quality too.

I tried just protein…it was ok, not bad, not great.

Plus, they are really nice people…Dr. Strossen will often reply to your questions personally and give you an honest, well thought out answer.

Ironmind, Biotest, Elite and Dynamic are the few companies I trust 100%.