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Iron Man...Let's Get Started!


WOOHOO!! the offseason is over, it's time to fire up the 09 bodybuilding season.

The Iron Man Pro is tomorrow and I'm pissed that I have to work instead of drive the 20mins to Los Angeles and watch it!

I favor Silvio Samuel or Moe Elmoussawi to take it, but I'm excited to see what the following will bring as well:

Adorthus Cherry

Ahmad Haidar

Aiman Faour

Cesar Mendible-Baptista

Constantino Demetriou

Daron Lytle

DeShaun Grimez

Don Long

Eddie Abbew

Evgeny Mishin

Fedel Clarke

Hidetada Yamagishi

Johnnie Jackson

Marc Lavoie

Marcus Haley

Mark Dugdale

Martin Kjellstrom

Moe Elmoussawi

Mohammad Bannout

Oleg Empelyanov

Oliver Adzievski

Omar Deckard

Ronny Rockel

Rusty Jeffers

Silvio Samuel

Tamer El Shahat

Thomas Benagli

Troy Alves

Rockel is a favorite of mine as I think he has great lines/conditioning. Adorthus Cherry broad shoulders and tiny waist can stir up some things...Johnnie Jackson is always a top contender...I've also heard Mark Dugdale has added some size and if he comes in with his usual conditioning he can be a threat as well.

I believe top 5 qualify for the O.

so whos watching? What are your thoughts?


i think it will play out as
1-Silvio Samuel
2-Hidetada Yamagishi
3-Moe Elmoussawi
4-Ronny Rockel
5-Mark Dugdale

i also think haley will surprise some people and i dont see anyone beating ss after the condition he was in this past olympia.


Silvio in first, Moe second and Yamagishi, Dugdale, Jackson and Rockel fighting it out for the rest.

Kjellstrom is fucking huge, btw, and has a good frame for carrying his amount of mass (fairly tall guy for a bodybuilder if I remember correctly). Someone to watch for in the future.


I doubt Johhnie's going to break the top five. Don't get me wrong - I'm a big fan of his; but there's just too much imbalance.

I think Dugdale could be second if he brings in the conditioning in years past, but not how he's been lately.


Hidetada Yamagishi from the 21st.


Wow, Yamagishi is going to do some damage, but I agree with crod266 with the final placings.


It's so weird seeing a giant Asian dude lol.

Silvio all the way for this one


lol every race has their own positives and negatives it seems. Most African American bodybuilders have massive upper body's but are weak in the legs and calves (johnnie jackson for example), most asian bodybuilders are either very big lacking in conditioning or very tiny but insanely ripped, it's hard to find a combo of both. Anybody of hispanic decent usually just doesn't have the size.

Anybody of caucasian decent really determines which line of heritage they come from...it ranges from lanky and lean to short and stalky...a lot of caucasian bodybuilders seem to have decent legs and calves but have to pull up the upper body, both Jay Cutler and Branch Warren had to do this along with many others.

But of course you have people like Hide, Dennis Wolf, Ronnie Coleman, and Gustavo Baddel that throw all of this for a loop! lol

I also agree with Crod's placings and comments :wink:

I can't wait it fires up here in a few minutes...I'm going to be glued to the screen at work all day lmao!



DG it's being televised? ESPN or something?


www.bodybuilding.com then click on their supersite, then click on the live coverage. They stream it to the website live...RIGHT NOW...lol

Rockel is my favorite with silvio,elmousawi, hide right behind them...thats my top 4 and to be honest I think silvio,elmousawi,rockel could go in any spot top 3.



I think Johnnie Jackson is getting screwed to be honest....



What I think the Judges will do after pre-judging:

  1. silvio
  2. elmoussawi
  3. rockel
  4. hide
  5. bannout, haidar?

after top 4 its hard and after top 5 a crap shoot...

how I rule it:

  1. Rockel
  2. Silvio
  3. Elmoussawi
  4. Hide
  5. Haidar

6-10 contains: Jackson, DeShaun Grimez,Eddie Abbew,Mark Dugdale, Mohammad Bannout...substitute marcus haley or omar deckard for Grimez or Abbew...

I could see it something like that.

Man judging is difficult lol!



Cool that you'd have Rockel first if you were judging the show...

I always thought that he was vastly under-appreciated.

He always stood in the shadows of guys like Rühl, Coleman and Cutler who totally dwarfed him... But he looks much more aesthetic while still being far from small...

With most of the bigger guys gone, maybe he'll finally get the attention he deserves.


exactly. He is a shorter guy but carries plenty of muscle, amazing lines, and always conditioned. No real weaknesses and then the judges say the b.s. 'but nothing really stands out' I call bullshit. I think if you build up a large aesthetic proportioned balanced shredded physique that thats enough of something to stand out! lol

but I agree, he has my vote for one of the most over looked bodybuilders for sure.


fuck i wish i could watch this on my 50 inch tv but no i have to watch it on the comp, the public sucks for not putting this on espn o something


for sure...

I think bodybuilding.com needs to learn how to give you the option of enlarging their screen.

Not only watch it on the comp, but on that tiny ass screen the size of this box on the comp


something is better than nothing tho! I wish they covered more than the iron man, arnold, and olympia...I wish they would do this with all the shows. :S



haah they at least should have a cable attachment so u can make it appear on the tv with the comp on. The worst thing is.. they used to have some shows on espn


I love how well Silvio's serratus sticks out, his lower back looks crazy in one of the pics too. Rockel's legs would give him the edge if I were judging them though, but I'm not, and I don't envy the guys that are(browsed comparison shots for a long time, which they don't get to do right?)


Are there pictures available online yet?


Photos from prejudging