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Iron Man 2...Leaked Footage From Comic Con


First footage of Iron Man 2 leaked from Comic Con. Watch it while you can!



Ok,that will be bad ass. And you gota love War machine lol.

And thank god they replaces Terrence Howard.




I'm pretty sure I just came. Yep... I did...


Very cool, thanks for the link.


That makes me almost wish I waited in line for 10 hours to get into that panel. Almost.


Big Boss, you are the MAN ! I can't wait for this movie to come out, seriously 9 more months of waiting is going to suck.


I had a semi going, up to the part when 'Eulogy' from TOOL started playing in the backround........

Then I almost lost conciousness from all the blood rushing to my dick.


Saw it on youtube yesterday, only because Favreau linked to it from Twitter, how cool is he for that ? Very few Directors are gonna send out a link to leaked footage.

And yes, its gonna be the tits.


I know,man. I almost hate I came across that...I have even less patience now.

War Machine looked fucking bad ass....I think Don Cheadle is going to make everyone forget about Howard,imo. He is a better actor...we shall see.


Damn War Machine looks sick.


What I am happy about, is that the brass went and got a really good quality actor of equal or higher caliber than Howard. At least, that is how I look at Don Cheadle. They didn't cut corners getting some B rated piece of shit to fill his place. It's gonna be a long 9 month wait.