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Iron Mafia Thirst Performance Bragging Rights Meet Recap

I’ll update my log here eventually but thought I’d post this here to maybe help some people out.

About 3 weeks out from the meet I started to feel really beat up and lifts started to suck.

I stuck to the program but let Brandon Smitley who does my programming know I was beat. He made some minor adjustments to just keep me moving.

3 weeks out looked like opener and reverse band 2-3 attempt they were all high and didn’t feel right.
Worked up to bench around 425 and shut it down. Again felt like crap.

2 weeks out work up to a heavy single in briefs. I think I did around 555 and shut it down due to feeling like crap.

Do we see a pattern here?

Reverse band raw bench, 335, felt really good, didn’t get a video sadly so maybe I’m lying.
( ~ 25lbs off at bottom )

Week of the meet I did 5x1 squat/deadlift with 2 plates
I did 5x3 bench at 135

Brandon really dropped down the work for this week compared to normal since I was so beat up.

Meet day my stomach felt like exploding ( blaming the mexican the night before, steak and rice should of been fine ). I had 2 uncrustables at 7:30 am during rules briefing, and 0 caffeine.

I started warming up and damn I felt good. Go out for my opener, ready to rock it, cut it high. Knew I cut it high. They called me on it.

My options were to retake it or go to my second attempt. I went a little lower than planned 2nd to be safe.

694 on my second… and I double pumped it, what the hell. Decision time, go up again or stay the same? I stayed the same, and got it on my 3rd. phew

Did I mention this meet was moving very fast yet? As soon as the gear was off, bladder released and fluid ingested it was time to start warming up for bench.

Grabbed a t-nation approved Spike Blue Raz and downed half of it - on to warmups. Felt good man. Felt good. That’s never a good sign :slight_smile:

Put the shirt on, my super jacked arms weren’t going in as well as they should ( really not jacked, just finally growing I hope ). Oh well we got it somewhat on. Let’s bench. 3 board, 1.5 air board 405 last warmup… feet slipping on diamond plate as soon as i’d try to set.

This caused my erectors to start cramping. Shit. Moved to other warmup bench, took 405 couldn’t arch to touch. For the third time I took my shirt off, adjusted sleeves looser, got in and went to rock out on my opener with no idea what was going to happen. I had still not touched yet.

Opener, good. Thought about skipping 2nd and moving to try that as my third. When they called for 2nd I felt rested enough to try again. 435, tied previous meet bench. Slowly.

Now I for sure decided I’d pass my third, not worth it.

On to deadlifts, but first let’s smash some sour patch kid watermelons and 2 oatmeal cream pies and the rest of the spike shotgun.

Warmups felt great, but not like the rest of the day’s “Great”. Like butter. Just getting to the bar was amazing.

Opener, done and smashed.
Second, done and smashed.
Third, let’s hit that skull smash ammonia, pull a PR and bang a few blondes after, get to the bar, start setting up and they tell me to stop. They needed to recheck the weight.

Judge says “take a breather and grab some tork again”. I couldn’t handle a second dose of tork that close to each other, so I just go back for it.

Bar is moving. It’s at lockout. I start pitching backwards, there’s no hope to save it. I drop, pop and don’t lock it. Boom show is over. It’s barely 2pm.

What just happened. 71# meet PR total. Not the planned day, but the day I forced into happening. Overall very excite, much pleased, etc.

All of this is to say YOU are in control at the meet. Take your time, think, pivot, adjust, do what you need to do to stay in the meet and complete the meet.

All my good lifts:

All my bad lifts:

What are some adjustments you’ve had to make mid meet/comp to finish the day?


Nice work!

What weight class are you in nowadays? With all the fat guys around I would have guessed 165 if I didn’t know better.

Why no caffeine before squats?

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Thanks! Weighed in at 215.5 , eventual goal is compete at 198 or 220 if I put on enough muscle for it.

No caffeine because my stomach was trashed feeling and I was afraid I’d over amp myself.

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They say the camera adds 10lbs, but put a couple fat guys next to you and it can take away 50.

I will be quiet now.


As if red lights for depth. If anything u went too deep made everyone feel bad and they gave u red lights for it

Lol I wish, I knew it was high, it’s iron mafia, they are fair but consistent with the rules.

Are you even lifting in gear if ur not gonna get depth call gifts


Having to take a step back before your last deadlift attempt was nasty. That’s was impressive to come back after they checked the weights and still pull like you did.

Thanks, it wasn’t really a question of me pulling it, I knew I had it, just apparently shifted a bit and started to fall backwards.

Would I of got it the first pull? Who knows. Now I just know my next meet I better pull it as a 2nd lol

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Awesome job especially with having a off day!! I’m doing a Iron Mafia meet in Conway, SC in March

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Just follow the rules and it’ll be fine. they are well ran meets.