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Iron Giants


I thought that since we had the Iron Dwarfs thread for bodybuilders under 5'6, we should have an iron giants thread for bodybuilders 6' and over. Post away


Quincy Taylor. Freak - in the best way possible.


Lou Ferrigno - the original Iron Giant


Toney Freeman - 6'2 and a beast


Dennis Wolf - Lol, his posing music is kinda awesome


Is Wolf 6'? I thought he was just under... a hoss nonetheless


The greatest Iron giant of them all. Noah steere, 6'6.


Some of you may remember this guy. Scott Milne 6'4" 360lb

He was under contract for M-T**h and they titled him "The World's Biggest Bodybuilder". Then he got hit with some serious charges...


Greg Kovacs, a classic beast

6'4" and 400lbs in the off-season


Now those are some big, big motherfuckers.


Fuck that, you shouldnt be allowed to be built and over 6 foot.

What can I say, i'm a bitter 5"10 guy.


Can't forget our main man Arnold.


My dude is probably sporting 30 inch biceps....Gi-Fucking-Gantic


Ain't mine Austin, but thats another subject. How the hell Wolf is getting beat with his shape and size is beyond me.


Ralf Moeller, an "old timer" was 6'6". Competed in the Olympia when Haney was reigning champ. He's an actor and was in the movie Gladiator.


Try being 5' 6", yeah it sucks balls.


It's mental standing next to someone that massive. My cousin is 6'6" (I'm 5'10") and he's massively built (not quite Olympia standard but he's probably 350 or more and he's not ripped, but not fat or anything either) and just seeing someone that massive is awesome. He has to duck down when he's walking through doors as well, which is always great to see.

Bloody lovely bloke though, gentle as anything. It's funny, it's always the guys who are genuinely, truly elite level massive who are the ones who don't have an aggressive bone in their bodies.


How about David Prowse 1968, 6' 5"?


Ian Harrison. 6'5" if I remember correctly.

Some of these dudes would scare the crap outta people just walking down the street. Talk about intimidation!


I'm glad you posted this, I always wondered who that big mother fucker in gladiator was