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Iron Game History


Ran across this journal while doing some research on academic articles about bodybuilding, figured some would be interested.


"Iron Game History: The Journal of Physical Culture began in 1990 as a journal for people who want to write about, read about, or formally research the history of physical culture. In past days, magazines such as Strength & Health and Iron Man carried material of this sort on a regular basis in either an article or a news format but Strength & Health is no longer being published and Iron Man has become more focused on the modern bodybuilding scene. Among academic publications, the Journal of Sport History carries articles in this general field from time to time but the main thrust of that journal is, as its name implies, directed at competitive sports."



Careful there, Tex.

If Prof X gets wind that you've just given out info for free (so lazy fuckers here don't have to do their own essential research), he's gonna blow a gasket!



Professor X has been away it seems...I haven't seen him post for about 2 weeks.


Some around these parts fancy themselves muscle scholars - IGH is an outlet for their mindful letters if they see fit.

By the way, when did I say you could use my likeness as a avatar?


Breaking into the pooh pipe = being coerced into a discussion with x (like a moth to a flame)
Crawling through the pooh pipe = the actual discussion with x
The escape to freedom (oh imagine the feeling!) = he's not around anymore!

Being nabbed at the end = he'll be back...


Thanks for that

Just started reading Muscle Smoke & Mirrors, bloody excellent!



Thanks for posting that book, going to look into that. Sounds like it'd be interesting to say the least.


It's happened to me a coupe of times too.
He's a slippery guy, no matter how you quote him or respond, even if you're a bloody professor of nuclear physics, you didn't understand what he said at all.
Then he starts using ALL CAPS.


oh man, this x1,000,000

That thread was just ridiculous.


^^ which thread is this??? I want to see it!!


^^ which thread are you referring to? I want to read it!!


ugh, sorry about that. I guess I was excited.


Sure thing double post.



Oh thanks for that.
He was in rare form that day.

I honestly think he's one of those guys who's honestly not that pissed off about things, but he wants an argument so he makes sure to be defensive.
I think he may be a redhead.


Y'know... Prof X hasn't been here in a while. Do you guys ever think that someone's absence just might be due to their demise?

Seriously! We'd never know.



You've mentioned that before and you have a point.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.


I had not seen that thread, which is strange. Anyway, there is a big difference between providing a resource and doing the research. Anyone who has ever done a lit review can tell you it is different from a reading list.


Haha! Crossed for WHAT outcome?



Sure the guy can be a total asshole a lot of the time. But he still knows his shit and is a total monter. I don't mean to imply that he has a right to be an asshole, but still...

I don't actually know where I'm going with this. I just don't think he's that bad a guy.

I do know I wouldn't want to be one of his patients, though. "Oh, you think you lift weights? I'm gonna pick you up by your tooth to prove a point!"


X just posted in the Alpha Cell a few days ago, and I wonder what would be big enough to kill him. Someone would probably have to carry him 50000 miles to Mount Doom and throw him in the hot lava, just to hear him say "It's warm and cozy in here".

But in seriousness, I hope he is alright.