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Iron Dwarf's New Avatar


Looks like he put some mass on his back...



Uh... that's all you noticed?



Can this become a petition to get him to change it?



yeah, ID my mom walked in on me surfing T-Nation naked and the first thing she saw was your avatar, and just because i happened to have a massive hard on, she now thinks i'm gay.

only one part of that story was true, and that is that i was surfing T-Nation.


I forgive the artistic license regarding shadow and proportion, IF it really does that.


It makes me laugh because it looks like an over-excited Doberman is sniffing his crotch.



Now that's all I can think of when I see it. Maybe THAT should be his next avi.


"Is that a pickle in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"


Its funny, but I can never read his statements at work because there is NO way I'm going to pause on his avatar and have someone walk behind me and go WTF website are you on???/


Of course it does... but not quite as fast.


I love his latest avi's. Brad -- Doberman -- hilarious. I see it! :slight_smile:


He's new had a Black avatar.


Put a little hand on it and it would be a midget waving from his crotch.


PSA: Do not blink rapidly whilst looking at said avatar. It goes from flippity floppidy to flip flop flip flop lol, not cool. Dobermans haha.