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Iron Dwarf Call Out


Not really.

Two questions:
Would you, ID, be willing to design some T-shirts? (there seems to be a ground swell as of late for something new.)

Who would be willing to buy a ID designed T-shirt? (there are plenty of places online people could use to get the t-shirts, of course, royalties would then be an issue.)


Weird I was just thinking how we havent had a call out thread in a while. Carry on.


There had been complaints about the substance of the GAL board of late, so I went old school of sorts.


True, but this is not a true call out. Those are always entertaining.


Op, have you thought this through? His work here has been progressivly...ahem, ahh animated shall we say lol.


Im gonna call him out for wearing lifts in his shoes, very taboo amongst dwarves elves and faeries.....(because we all know he is a faerie), right fellas...fellas?


Hahahahahaha you mean BJB you dont want a big dick on your T-Shirt?


And you forgot he has a profession that doesnt mean anything, ART whatever, ART never did anything for anybody.


I'd wear a shirt, if they came in chick sizes and I got to make out with him.


^ His Avi has you hypnotized doesnt it? Damnit I knew he did that for a reason.


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But would you be wearing said shirt while making out?


x2. Wait... what?


Only if your shirt is white & we got spray you with a hose while you have it on.


The man has skills with the ink that is for sure. Now if he could hook a brother up with say The Brown Hornet full 70's Fro holding up the word "GYM" in concrete. With Two Pam Grier's in her Sheba Baby outfit wrapped around his legs. I will gladdly submit a pic of the mighty 4-6-0 for updated version of Brown Hornet.


I never, never suggested a bobble-head


I would love a shirt


Damn that's punny!



LOL! Some funny shit here!

But yes... in the new year when I get through a few pending projects I'd love to do some cool shirts. My wife and I have discussed this several times. I think the start-up is the wall for me at this point.