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Iron curtain labs

I just got this letter in the mail from iron curtain labs saying they guarantee 100 pounds on my bench and i will decrease my fat by 75 percent in 3 months… its this gh1000 stuff… would anyone know anything about this hoax? maybe mr. roberts would know?

GH1000 basically consists of 5-Methyl 7-Methoxy Isoflavone (Methoxy 7), Avena Sativa (Tribex), Diidolylmethane (DIM), Quercetin, a Beta-Sitosterol complex and B vitamins. Not bad supplements, but nothing magical here. Just remember if is sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Hey,aren’t these the same fellas who were selling
their Bowl selections on Saturday morning cable a
few months back?If it is, tell them I want my money
back.I lost on 4 out 5 of my bets!

Well, since real GH probably wouldn’t give you those gains if your an experienced lifter, I doubt that a supplement will come close. Sounds like BS!

100 pounds on your bench? Man good thing that George Halbert didn’t get that letter. He’d be pressing 783 at only 198 pounds. World records are going to be shattered! Olympia competitors will have 2% bodyfat! The sporting world is going to be rocked! LOOK OUT!

Thanks Rafael:I’m glad to see someone else has joined in on this
thread. For reasons I’m not quite sure of, these issues really
anger me. Over the last decade through Forums too numerous to
mention, I’ve seen claims like these always go unchallanged as
they continue to dupe more and more suckers by feeding them this
useless tripe.

As a man who has been eating super clean and training hard for
close to 3 decades, and who has been a guinea pig for every
supplement under the sun, I have attained a 10% BF. This may not
sound like much, but like most most of you who read this forum,
I have average genetics. And if not for this life-style we share
as “T-men and women,” my BF would be well over 30%! Then comes
along yet another product that promises us true powerball results.
According to Iron Curtin Labs, their product in 3 months time can
get me down to a 2.5% BF. What these poeple really need is a good
Bite from our own “Atomic Dog”!!!