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Iron Crotch


So many possibilities...

New type of strong-man training.

Most effective warmup ever? Have a training partner kick you in the junk.

Who cares about deadlifting 600 pounds? Use your other "equipment" for a real test of strength!



That guy is going to rip his penis. Why not just write articles about it like TC


gives a whole new meaning to "farmers walk"


Thats funny. Just the other day I invented a new move to hit yourself in the nuts. The straddle deadlift. You straddle the bar with just a minimal amount of weight, ballanced grip front and rear then explode upward. S.O.M. of X-X-X. If you get a good pull, you can hit yourself in the nuts like nothing else.


What's next? Putting your prick in the hole of a 45 lb plate and doing prick raises? Are those allowed in the squat rack? ahhahaaa


hahahahahahahahaha ... still laffing ... woohoo ... ok .. hahaha ... wtf! ... HAHAHAHA



Yes, but you must be selective in choosing a spotter.


that guy fucking rules.


Raise, dude. Just one. Like cock pushups.


He has students that can lift 600+ with thier penis!?!

I will call that man master as well.


No there not allowed in the squat rack you do them in the power rack for 5X5, and use lots of chalk


Impressive, but can he do that without straps? Lesson to be learned: Don't neglect grip work...


TC should send this guy a congratulatory blowup doll


Or maybe a personally autographed loofah for the purpose of active recovery.