Iron Cross for the Lats

Hi guys,

I’am new on this forum, i’am from switzerland (No i don’t live in the mountains eating cheese all the days…) i’am 23 years old. i would like ask you, if someone use the iron cross for the lat ? i have tried the unilateral cable version, where you do a simple shoulder adduction. i fund this exercises amazing for the muscles feeling: i can feel my lats burning ! i make 1-2 secondes isometric contraction on the top of the motion to burn my lats.

what is your experiences, comments, with this exercices ? do you think it’s a good exercices to develop massive lats and V shape ? when a do traction, i can’t feel the lats so good…

(excuse me for my bad english…)

If you want to do gymnastic holds for lat development, try the front lever.

[quote]SwissIron wrote:
i would like ask you, if someone use the iron cross for the lat ?[/quote]
Some guys do, sure.

I’d say the cable version is definitely an easier variation of the movement. The weight is drastically reduced and the total body tension is basically eliminated.

I don’t often use gymnastic-type movements because I feel they’re often advanced and require a good base of strength and coordination, even with some regressed/easier movements. But they can definitely be worked into a bodybuilding routine. The article Nighthawkz linked to would be a good start, in addition to looking into the front level like he said (the free weight “variation” of that would be a basic pullover, but again, free weights/cables are hard to compare to the challenge of the full gymnastic move).

Lots of old school lifters in the '40s and '50s were experienced hand balancers and/or gymnasts in addition to being lifters. Jack LaLanne most notably.