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Iron Connection


I know members on T-Nation are from all over the country and I have seen more than a few nations represented as well. I don't know if it already exists but what if there was a thread or way to connect T-Nation members looking for training partners.

I guess you could search through and find people in your state then PM them, but that seems ineffective and time consuming. I am wondering if there is another way, like a T-Nation classifieds section to get T-Nation members who are looking for training partners the best around....other T-Nation members.

I am currently in Philly, but am moving back to Westchester county NY soon and am looking for a training partner so that's where this thought came from.


I'd seriously love to find somebody to work with in Toronto area. I'm the only guy I know that lifts weights within a 45min drive of my house.


I live in Pennsylvania which we can solve. I can speak English a bit but have trouble with formation of grammatical situation sentence pluralizations am good or, with forcing or, about can teaching to whether in me who perhaps cannot raise thing many things which is verify your stature.


I thouht you were making a very funny joke Chang... like - "Hi, I'm chang lee, my English isn't TOO good. I can have trouble with my formation of grammatical situation sentence pluralizations..."

Can't we all? Shit, what IS that? AND i am FROM the UK!! lol!

I have no training partner Either... sniff. Yorkshire... sniff.



Yea I'm not quite so sure what that was either. I know sometimes I like to train alone and then there is the issue of ppl belonging to other gyms, but i still think it would be a cool idea for ppl who wanted to connect to have a way to do so.


I too, am lacking of a motivated training parter :frowning: central california


YORKSHIRE? (shudder) I'm in Lancashire, you're soooo far away. lol



lol! j/k! where abouts are you? The biggest MAJOR city near me is Leeds.


haha I'm a cen cal kid for the next 3 weeks then back to socal.

I hit you up via PM.

Now I get the joke with your location being in Mexico :stuck_out_tongue: lol JK



See that's what I was hoping for.


Que? yo soy de Mexico. Naw, I just said that so my location is a mystery, ala Batman.


I'm in Lancaster (my brother lives in Leeds, Crossgates).
Where you train?