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Iron_clad1 Log

Jan 14/19
In this log, i will put in some of my workouts and some of my meals. My goal is to be strong and have a high level of conditioning. Not necessarily strong like a powerlifter…strong all around…more athletic. As alpha says on his youtube…the goal is to be dangerous. I have already been training for a long time. I know what type of stuff works for me and what doesn’t. Im no bodybuilder either. I might use some bodybuilderish type stuff and i have done straight up bodybuilding training in the past…but that is just not for me. My family life is changing and i want to be in the strongest and best conditioned state i can be. Its not about being “functional” either…again its about being dangerous. Anyway…

Ground beef / white rice / green beans / pineapple (it was in the fridge and needed to be eaten) / thai sauce (costco)
*no real measurements for anything here…but enough for two large meals.

Jan 14/19
Condensed training session
So i fell off a ladder at work a couple days ago…leaving me kinda banged up and what not. I mean…it was a 12’ high ceiling that i was working on…but anyways i took a couple days off. Todays session was condensed due to time and the fact that it all hurt. But here we go:

Warm up : rear delt raises and toe touches
Work : sumo rdl work up to 235 x 3 x5
Reg rdl work up to 295 x 1 x 2 (wanted to hit 5 but my back was not having it…decided not to hurt myself more)
Inverted rows 3 x 10
Conditioning : 5 kb swing + 5 ab wheel + 5 chins x 3 rounds
10 min jump rope work and then some foam rolling on the lower back to finish

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Jan 18/19
Still feeling beat up from my fall. Today my left shoulder was bothering me in particular. Only limited me on 2 exercises fortunately.

Chest dips w./slingshot + chins 25 + 8 / 22 + 8 / 23 + 8 / 20 + 8
Ramping barbell row + 15 pushups -Final weight : 225 x 5 + 15 pushups (shoulder limited me here; normally would hit 300ish on rows)
Side delt raises 4 x 10-15 (felt like my shoulder needed it)
Hang position kb c&p 4 x 5 per / side
Barbell curls 3 x 10 (shoulder pain again)

5 kb swings + 5 air squats + 5 ab wheel x 5 rounds

Still condensed due to my fall…but a good one anyways. I normally have bigger/heavier sessions on the weekend…but we will see how that goes. If my shoulder behaves enough to let me squat at least, i will be happy.