Iron Biby Axle World Record - 217kg/478lbs

After a few false starts Iron Biby sets an Axle World record… He’s a little bit excited :smiley:


Does 2022 see the Hall vs Biby judo match?


Slow to this party - opps.

This is a great record. The issue is - Biby is SO poor technically. I mean look at his clean - its shocking. I hope he takes on some coaching. And takes the record to 230ish.

FYI did anyone see Luke Stoltman’s face during this. He was not “happy”. I mean he is the best log lifter right now. But that’s because he has the technical side down.
There could be a real challenge for the log world record.

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Looks like you called it, a buddy sent me a post that iron biby posted on IG where he log clean and pressed 209 kg with ease. Surprisingly his clean looked just as easy as his press did, because I agree, he’s not very technical at all. And most strongman movements are surprisingly technical