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Irishreds log

'll keep the background short and sweet. I started lifting a few years back because I broke the cartilage in my chest in a bodyboarding accident and had scoliosis. Fixed them both and haven’t looked back, from 140lbs to 165 now at 6’2".

I’m in a bit of a transition now, just graduated college, lived in Daytona Beach two months, been living in Peru near the coast for the past six months, and I’m heading home saturday to the great state of Georgia.

I keep my lifting very simple, upper and lower days, everything has a purpose, and I do not keep a log. Here I will just add insights and workout highlights. Any questions,tips, or what not, ask away.

I’ve been decently consistent here, though hindered a good bit by some bouts with the flu and food poisoning. Not gonna stop me though from another workout before the flight home though. Looking forward to going back to pounds.

Deadlifts-> worked up to a single of 45 kilos/side on the bar. Then lowered the weight a bit and did around 10-12 speed sets of 3 reps. Felt pretty good, but hamstring felt a bit tweaked after.

supersetted each set with bodyweight calf work (been having problems with my achilles, so doing weight aggravates it)

Sick for a good while in the states and couldn’t hold food down for a while. Nothing like the feeling of starting over. Now that I am using pounds again and not kilos, think I’ll start loggin again. This is not gonna be pretty.

Horizontal Back/Bi Superset Horizontal Chest/Tri

decline bb cgbp 7x115, 6x120, decline db 10x45s, 8, 8, 10
bb rows 14x115, 6x135, 10x125, 8, 8, 8

db rows 12x45, 10x55, 8x60
db bench 8x45, 8, 7

tbar rows 15x1plate wg, 15 supinated, 10x1plate+25, 10
elevated push ups 15, 12, 10, 10

rope to neck rows 15x45, 10x60, 10x60
cable crossovers 15x3, 10x3

db tricep overhead extensions 10x45s, 9, 8
db hammer curls 9x25s, 8, 7

low pulley rotators 10x1, 8x
db serratus crunches 10x25s, 10x25s


front squat 6x2x135
standing bb calf raise 8x12x135

bulgarian split squat 3x5x30s
smith standing calf raise 2x8x225

cybex leg press 8x2pps, 20x1pps, 15x1pps
seated calf raise 15x2plates, 15, 12, 12, l2
toe raises 10x5lb, 10x10lb, 10x10lb

hammer strength ab machine 15x40, 15x50, 15x60
cable crunches 12x80, 8x100


Extra Wide grip chins 6xbw,8,8,7,6,6,6
Db incline press (setting 6) 6x40s, 6,8,7,7,6,6,

seated neutral grip db press 5x30s, 5, 4, 4,
parallel chin ups 10xbw, 7,8,5

db laterals 15x10s, 10x15s, 10, 10
cg chins 5xbw, 6, 4

rope pressdown 10x4, 10, 10, 10
low pulley rotator 10x1, mid pulley rotator 8x1

db serratus crunch 10x30s, 10, 10
vbar pressdown 10x60, one arm reverse 10x2


Deadlift 1x235, 6x2x185
assorted calf raises and tibialis work

cybex leg press 20x1pps, 15x2pps
ab machine 3x15x6

My achilles and arch of my foot are still givin me a lot of trouble. Might have to stick to low weight high reps for calves from now on.