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Good to hear they’re running a legit camp! It also looks like you’re doing quite well. 74 push ups, 16 pulls ups, sub 22 5k run… that’s good stuff!

Keep grinding!


Saturday 3rd November

Rest Day

Last night I got back from my 1st food and sleep deprivation exercise. I won’t go into much detail but I will say there was not much food, not much sleep and a whole shit ton of weighted walking.

Pretty much between 6am and 2am we would be walking with a full pack as well as carrying 2 10-15kg jerry cans of water. When we finally did get our night spot, 2 out of 5 people had to be on lookout.

It wasn’t all bad though. Went sea kayaking at night in pretty big swell, went abseiling off a huge cliff and also made a sandbag house on the beach.

My feet are swollen, blistered and sore, I have deep strap cuts in my shoulders and I lost even more weight. On the positive, I absolutely loved the week out of the college and made some more friends. Army life is agreeing with me.

I have 10 days in the college and than I’m back out bush for a really awesome field exercise that will go for about 3 weeks. Hopefully my feet will be ready!

Still finding it difficult to make time to read up on how all of you guys are going so I wish you all well from here!


Good to see you checking in @Irishman92 and really glad to hear the life is agreeing with you. Keep enjoying every minute mate.


good to hear from you Irish, happy that you enjoy your new life.
Keep us updated from time to time.


Sounds like you really found your niche. Good to hear.


Happy for you man!!


Enjoy the process my man and stay safe


Good to hear from you man.


Glad to hear you’re enjoying it, thanks for checking in!


Sounds awesome man.
Glad too see you’re enjoying it


Seriously !! stop being a stranger ! Miss seeing you on the forums


I am trying! This college is in the business of taking all your time :joy:

No real training updates. After my food and sleep deprivation I hit the gym pretty hard to regain some muscle and pump. I’m having a very chill weekend now to recover. Heading back out bush on Thursday.

Take a couple minutes this morning to remember our fallen.


Lest we forget

Thank you for your services


Wednesday 5th December

Training Update

So I got back from a couple weeks field last Saturday. Field was ok, a bit slow at times and at one point we had rather heavy rain/hail and high winds while we were lying in ambush for a couple hours. It was late afternoon that turned into a -1 degree night. Several people were pulled out for hypothermia. Twas a fuckin cold experience but one that we all survived. Other than that, nothing crazy to note.

On Sunday I participated in the next stage of my international college comp. It was 9+ hours of very intense physical and mental activities that will result in about a third of the class being cut. The next stage is M4 assault rifle qualifications so I really hope I did enough to make it through. My college posted the day on Facebook so I’m happy to relay it here. Started at 5am.

  1. Pack run 5km up and down a steep hill 30:45
  2. Beep test 10.10
  3. Muscular endurance circuit
  4. Aerobic circuit (nearly died!)
  5. Casualty, pack and Jerry can carry 5km
  6. Obstacle Course
  7. Memory test
  8. Over water Obstacle Course (super fun)
  9. Grenade throwing
  10. Survival scenarios
  11. Stores carry
  12. Tyre flip/ jerry can push/ leopard crawl
  13. 1.2km webbing run 5:32
  14. Weapons shooting at a simulator

Finished a bit after 2pm. The aerobic session contained assault bikes that were probably the hardest part of the day. The jerry can push was also a form of torture!

It was 2 of my mates bday so I than went out til about 11 that night on the piss :joy: not the smartest!

2 weeks till holiday!


Thats quite impressive


Are we talking Fahrenheit or Celsius here?

Either way, I’m impressed by the fact somebody could get hypothermia in such weather

That comp seems like loads of fun (but also pretty damn dreadful)


It was actually the one thing on the day I was a bit disappointed in myself. I feel like I could have got an extra 2 or 3 levels. It is however one of my highest scores and it was pretty soon after the pack run so I can’t be too down.

Celsius. The Sergeant of their section had heart attack symptoms and called in evac. When they came out to pick up the Sergeant, they noticed that 2 or 3 cadets looked pretty cold. It wasnt actually hypothermia but that what everyone called it.

Also Aussies hate the cold :joy:

It is so good. We get to do things that the other cadets don’t and if we make the next cut we get quite a few privileges due to the time and energy commitment it requires. There is no way I will make it to America, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride so far.


That sounds great fun, well done.

You’ll never beat the Paddies!


Congrats mate
I’m genuinely stoked for you
We got our own little pineapple here


Good to hear from you Irish. Glad you are enjoying it.