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Irishman's Training & Nutrition


Nope! Looks like you will just have to visit in person!

Thanks Mark, I will definitely hit you up after my Initial Training period.

Cheers amigo! That’s a cool quote and I do love to make cool memories.


Incase I forget to check in, enjoy the process my man
Youll kick ass, and for all intents what ive heard from my 40+ mates that are spread between army/navy/air force, that general training is an awesome experience
Im not going to wish you luck because youll thrive and enjoy it, but I do commend you for joining, great respect for our armed services and youll earn your badges and pins no doubt
Go do yourself and Australia proud irish!


Aw thanks man. I’m sure I will enjoy the experience, I still just can’t to get down there!


Enjoy it man. You will never build stronger ties to people than when you go through your basic training program. May you be safe and well protected in your journey


Thanks Mr Hog!

Alrite guys, my last night as a civvy. Thank you all for your support, motivation and inspiration you have all provided me with. I wish you all the best and good luck conquering the challenges you all put yourselves through.

It will be at least 6 weeks before I will be back online as far as I know so take care!

Sayonara bitches!!


Catchya fucker! :heart:


Hasta la vista man


See you in 6 weeks.


You’ll always be a civvy to me mate. :wink:
Good luck mate


You’ll be back :slight_smile:
Enjoy Mate.


Enjoy man!
You better have some stories to tell when you get back :wink:


I love the fact that irish is probably under the 1st night “welcome initiation” right now consisting of a 12hour run throughout the night, in full gear


This could be the new game. “What is Irish doing right now”. Wonder how many posts we can get on his log in six weeks !!


Hahahaha love it, “current time is 21:37, trying to survive”


Day 4:
“I cant feel my feet”


Lol 6:04 PM in the mess eating more carbs than he has ever consumed !!


Day 12: standing at attention in freezing carpark with 25min time on our phones. Only the 2nd time we have got our phones!

Surviving and loving it. Head out to the bush 2moro for the fun shit.

16 hour days are about to turn into 19hour days :smiley:


You’re alive!
I miss your warmth and natural scent lingering here
Stay strong mate we’re all rooting for ya!


Ha ha good to hear from you Irish.


You’re copping the coldest winter we’ve had in a while