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Do people actually lay on the floor of the gym for floor pressing? I’ve never see it happen! Haha I do like pin pressing, it’s just that I never stick with bench long enough to get good at it. I have such dodgy technique!


This needs to be fixed before anything. Handling big weights has to have good form.


Big weights on my bench are a long way away! Haha I set up tight, pull my shoulder blades in and pack my shoulders. I have decent lowering and reversing the weight form. My leg drive is abysmal, I find it difficult to engage my full body and occasionally (I’m getting better) I will ‘unpack’ my shoulders when I extend the weight up if u go too high.


Wednesday 16th May

Max Effort Lower

Front Squat
20kg x 10
40kg x 10
60kg x 5
70kg x 5
80kg x 5

60kg x 8
80kg x 6
100kg 2x6

Step ups
1 17.5kg DB 2x10

These were crap because my gym got rid of the solid ply boxes and replaced them with foamy bits of shit. So I stopped them.

Walking Lunges
35kg 2x8

Farmers Walk
35kg DB’s x 2

Front squats went alright. 80kg absolutely destroys my form but not in a dangerous way, so I just grind through.

I wanted to put some weight on my RDLs so I decided to do them before unilateral leg work. They felt really nice. I may swap between heavy unilateral work one week and heavy RDLs the other. Or I may say sayonara to this program altogether soon.

My farmers walks were slightly lighter but I walked a fair bit longer distance each time.

Now off to work. I get to climb on roofs today!


I do and i have some clients doing it as well, I really like it as it takes away bouncing on chest and it feels like a really solid chest/tricep movement with little delt activation

@losthog is right, get your technique picture perfect and it’ll take you a long way forward


Universal sticking point according to uncle Lou…


just caught up on this log.
nice work…

rope access and a tradie- do you have sprat training?

have you thought of ever being a rigger?
lots of work for people with that training- climbing for concerts or oil rigs etc. just saying.

20 rep squats are probably one of my favorite things


G’day! Very happy to have you here mate.

In Aus it’s IRATA and I did do a week course a few years ago. I wanted to get on the oil rigs on Ropes but I’m the wrong type of tradie. I’m a timber man and they needed boiler makers and mechanics and engineers. I was going to do my dogging course but I ran out of money and the industry was really slowing down over in Western Australia, so I came back home to Queensland.

They really are something special in my opinion as well. There is definitely a mental barrier to get through though. It wears me out if I run a 20rep squat program for too long.


Sorry, I’m not familiar?


Louie Simmons says the floor press works a natural sticking point for most of not all lifters


IRATA averts hold here in the states as well.
I work in an Arena for concerts and do some of this work
Just food for thought - you could work read shows concerts driving sky cars
( window washers )
Just saying


I did apply for window washing in Perth but it is not a very large city, so not many high buildings with windows. Where I am living now is a lot smaller and almost no large buildings. My IRATA status has run out now as I have to get it renewed every year or 2.

One day I will hopefully get a job doing it though, as I do love being on the ropes.


So today I was meant to go in an do my least favourite session from WS4SB (or at least my butchered variation of it).

I wasn’t keen today, I wasn’t keen yesterday and I’m damn sure I wasn’t going to be keen tomorrow.

So program shift! Yes I know swapping programs prematurely is not the best but also putting off the gym or not going 100% in gym sessions because of lack of belief in a program is even worse IMO.

There were a few things I didn’t like about WS4SB: the max effort days worked up to a top set but than didn’t have a dropset after it (gains on the table), the frequency wasn’t there for a lot of bodyparts and I felt even the volume was pretty low for certain body parts as well. I also needed to superset exercises and make it fit me a bit too much for my liking. Not saying it’s a bad program, just not for me, at this point in time.

Now onto bigger and better things (and gains)!

I know (gasp!) It’s a CT program! I usually avoid these due to them always having an oly lift variation as a main lift, and this program is no different.

If any of you guys have any advice on the Snatch Grip High Pull, please let me no via this thread:

I did the bench session today and (spoiler) it was awesome! Write up to follow.


Sunday 19th May

Bench Day

Leg Press Calf Raises 100kg 2x15
Ab roll-out 2x10

Barbell Bench Press

Layer 1 - Isometric Press
4 sets 6 sec against unracking pin

Layer 2 - 2RM
40kg x 2
50kg x 2
60kg x 2
70kg x 2
75kg x 2

Layer 3 - Cluster Reps
67.5kg 3x5

Layer 4 - 5sec Eccentric
52.5kg x 6
52.5kg x 5
50kg x 6

Layer 5 - Constant tension
40kg x 2 sets to failure
20kg x 20

Woah what a chest pump! Chicks panties hit the floor, guys conversations stopped dead and the hot gym assistant dropped her vacuum cleaner as I walked past.

This is definitely the hypertrophy program I need and I can already see the benefits outside of just getting a good bit of mass about me.

I’m going to be so sore 2moro!


The layer is great and I like the SGHP
I’ll comment in the other tread :slight_smile:
Good luck with it


I really like the idea of the layer system, it’s so simple and barebones in terms of equipment. Never done it though.

SGHPs never fail to give you trap doms, that’s what I know


Layer system is one if his that’s on my short list to try at some point.

WS4SB is a good program, but it’s definitely geared towards athletes more so than the recreational lifter. If you were doing everything else an athlete does aside from lifting I bet you’d have liked it more.

I’ll hit you up in the other thread about the high pulls!


Sunday 20th May

Squat Day

Lateral Raises
7kg DB’s 2x14
Leg Press Calf Raises
100kg 2x15

Barbell Back Squat

Layer 1 - Isometric
4x6 sec pushing against 6plates each side

Layer 2 - 2RM
60kg x 2
70kg x 2
80kg x 2
90kg x 2
95kg x 2

Layer 3 - Cluster Reps
85kg 3x6

Layer 4 - Slow Eccentric
65kg x 6
65kg x 7
65kg x 7

Layer 5 - Constant Tension
47.5kg x 2

Not going to lie, that was tough. The transition from ‘strength’ work to ‘hypertrophy’ work at Layer 4 absolutely trashes me. I’ve never done 5 second eccentric on squats before and it really showed!

Great quad pump from the constant tension sets, I’m still wrecked from it 30 min later!

I did some empty barbell SGHP after the Clusters but I just had no gas so stopped it pretty abruptly.

High Incline Press next time!


Just an FYI- there’s more than one way to do layers


Yeah cheers mate, I didn’t know that until I had a quick look through CT’s forum and saw a few different variations of them. I think I’ll run it how it’s set up at the moment and see after 4 or 6 weeks how each lift is feeling and how I’m recovering.