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Damn I love carbs, honey makes anything anabolic…


Monday 16th April

Simple But Brutal Session 16

DB Incline Bench Press 350 method
Back Squat 95kg x 1
20rep squats 72.5kg
Chin-ups 7,7,7
Dips 10,10,10

Weighed in at 77.5kg. Having a perfect amount of weight gain. Some people would stress about putting 3.5kg on in just 5 weeks, but my legs have gotten a lot bigger and fat slides right back off me. Also I have no love for abs. I walked a lot today and could actually can feel a bit of chafe! I so wish I had larger child barring hips :confused:

My 95kg squat felt good and my 20 reps were smooth. About time I had a good feeling session! I’m not one of those people who feel like shit than bust PRs at the gym.

My new job is going well. I’ve gone from absolute shit kicker to being trained up as the main intake bloke at the mill. It’s not what ya know, it’s who ya know :joy:


Didn’t you start like a week ago?
Damn man


Sure did. And I didn’t work 2days last week haha

It’s gonna ruffle some feathers as there are the old bastards around that think they know everything and deserve to be put next in line. But the supervisor who got me the job is leaving in a week and a half and doesn’t think a lot of them will handle it very well so asked for me to be trained up.

Story of my life though mate. I was at Kmart warehouse for 2weeks and somehow landed doing jobs that is one below the managers and with the landscaping mob I was looking after the gardens of the largest shopping centre in my town after about a month.

It’s about time it only took 3 days for my talents to be noticed :wink: haha


Just so you know, I’m expecting you to become a general within a month of military training


Quality. Well done Irish


If I ever get in :joy: but yes I fully expect to be leading a platoon after 4 days, be in charge of the entire Darwin battalion after a week and be promoted to General in a fortnight. Tops!

Thanks mate. I’m super happy how this program has brought me back to basically my former strength levels (Deadlift and OH Press pending) within 6weeks after having a 6 month hiatus.

Muscle memory is very real for me and thats why I never feel like I’m wasting my time in the gym even if I do take extended breaks.


Great work here Irish
When do you finish the program?


Thanks mate. I just have 2moro and Saturday to go. Next week I’ll give back squatting a break and do some deadlifts than I’m on to another undecided program! Exciting! Haha


Will you finish with bodyweight x 20 or more ?


Hope so. Tomorrow is 75kg and Saturday is 77.5kg which is my bodyweight. Although I’ll probably weigh 80kg by Saturday :joy:


If you weigh 80 come saturday … you squat 80 Irish :slight_smile:


Deal :smile:


Man I’m gonna hold you to that


Me too and pics or video or it never happened.


Shame he didn’t end up in Canberra, otherwise id make sure to get it on video


Wednesday 18th April

Simple But Brutal Session 17

BB Bench Press 3x8
Back Squat 2x95kg
20rep squats 75kg
Seal Rows 3x12
Seated DB Curls 1x12

@simo74 it hasn’t ever really occurred to me to take videos when I’m training (I’m a really shit gen Y) so I took a couple today of my warm-ups to see how they turned out. I haven’t got a YouTube account and I have work soon so I won’t upload them til this arvo.

My 20repper (I didn’t video) was a fucking grinder 2day! I’m not sure I’ll have 77.5 in me let alone 80! My lower back is the biggest culprit as the time wears on.

Thanks lads for the encouragement and I’ll give it a go, but doing around 80% of my 1RM for 20 is no joke and my ego isn’t that big that I push to an injury or really horrible reps.

It’s alright @painter27 I’ll let you video me one day :wink: lmao


Alright I think i worked youtube out. I’ll give it a go anyway. The 1st is just a plate for a few reps, nice and easy, the 2nd is a double at 95kg that still looked ok but getting near the limit. It’s not a form check but you guys know I’m always happy to hear your opinions good or bad.

In hindsight I should have recorded my 20 rep set to show ya how fuckin grindy it got. Oh well.


Looks good to me Irish, although Im no expert.

What cues do you use for bracing? Thats something I need to work on.



Yer looked fine mate, still wanna see a 20 repper though