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Irishman's Training & Nutrition


Enjoy man!
You better have some stories to tell when you get back :wink:


I love the fact that irish is probably under the 1st night “welcome initiation” right now consisting of a 12hour run throughout the night, in full gear


This could be the new game. “What is Irish doing right now”. Wonder how many posts we can get on his log in six weeks !!


Hahahaha love it, “current time is 21:37, trying to survive”


Day 4:
“I cant feel my feet”


Lol 6:04 PM in the mess eating more carbs than he has ever consumed !!


Day 12: standing at attention in freezing carpark with 25min time on our phones. Only the 2nd time we have got our phones!

Surviving and loving it. Head out to the bush 2moro for the fun shit.

16 hour days are about to turn into 19hour days :smiley:


You’re alive!
I miss your warmth and natural scent lingering here
Stay strong mate we’re all rooting for ya!


Ha ha good to hear from you Irish.


You’re copping the coldest winter we’ve had in a while


you’re alive, great to hear you’re doing good.


Could’ve sworn it was colder last year?

Good to see your still alive Irish lol


Day 29:
Havent slept in 4 days
Really wish I listened to @MarkKO and @painter27 when they said canberra is cold


Huh? You’re here?


Wait, I get it. I think.


I am thinking he is having a day working on marching drills…


Day 29: really missing @duketheslaya, he was my favourite person on t-nation


Day 31…?

Shooting the light machine gun 2moro. Been killing it with the rifle, got the 2nd highest score on the targets out of 97 people. So looking forward to sending some lead down range with the big one though.

Nav is next week. Serious potential to get lost as fuck which it cool!

Only have 3 weeks left out here than we are back to civilisation for our 1st day off in 8 weeks. Looking forward to kfc and a schooner!

Thanks for the banter and laughs lads! Hope all is going well with everyone. It’s going to take me a solid week to catch up when I finally get a chance haha

Peace owt


That’s so cool! Have fun tearing shit up.


That’s awesome Irish. Now I have an image of you laughing maniacally whilst ripping off some rounds !!