Irishman's Training & Nutrition

My 1st ever training log. About time I knuckled down and recorded everything.

Starting stat’s (July 2015)

Back Squat 5x5 - 30kg
Deadlift 5x5 - 60kg
Benchpress 5x5 - 35kg
OH Press 5x5 - 20kg
Lunges 3x5 - 20kg
Pullups max - 3
Push-ups max - 16

Bodyweight - 59kg
Height - 5’10
Bodyfat - very low maybe 10%

Current stat’s (March 2017)

Back Squat 5x5 - 75kg
Deadlift pyramid up to 3x3 - 115kg
Benchpress 5x5 - 55kg
OH Press 5x5 - 35kg (untested in a month)
Lunges 3x5 - 45kg
Pullups max - 8
Push-ups max - 24

Bodyweight - 71kg
Bodyfat - moderately low maybe 12%

Goals to achieve by the end of 2017

Back Squat 5x5 - 100kg
Deadlift - 140kg
Push-ups - 40
Pullups - 15

Bodyweight - 76kg

Train 3 days every week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday/Saturday)

Eat like a pro (I plan to write out my calories in a post soon)

Post all my workouts and some of my meals.

Continue to learn and improve myself!

General Points

I am planning to join the RAAF (aussie air force) at the end of the year. As I get closer to this, my training will change for this.

I love squatting, as the weights increase I am finding it more difficult to progress in a linear fashion. I have recently deloaded the weights a couple of times recently as my form has faltered. I have also increased squatting frequency to all of my training days in the last month. This is working well for decreasing Dom’s.

My bench sucks and I don’t care! I train alone and I err on the side of caution with this lift.

I have a physical job and a high metabolism, diet and gaining weight is tough for me. I am slowly having to eat more everyday. This is my biggest challenge.

Feel free to comment and offer constructive advice!

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Wednesday 29th March

Push day

Front squats
20kg x 10
40kg x 10
50kg x 10
60kg x 8
50kg x 8
40kg x 10 - All sets performed with minimal rest and keeping tension on quads

Slight Incline Bench Press
55kg 5x5

Seated OH Press
30kg 2x10
35kg 1x8
30kg 1x8

Been ages since I done overhead work so this was more of a test to see what strength level I’m at. I am going to incorporate more overhead work in the future. This will hopefully help my bench and my upper chest development.

DB Pullovers superset with overhead tricep extensions
20kg 2x10

Overall a fairly average workout. Push days are my least favourite and I had a huge burger about an hour before the workout that really didn’t help!

Kj (kilojoule) intake for 2day - 10 250kj
Protein intake - 140g

Aiming for 10 000-11 000kj a day and 80-100grams of protein on non training days, with 120-150grams of protein on training days.

Friday 31st March

Pull Day

Heavy Back Squats
40kg x 2
60kg x 2
70kg x 2
80kg x 2
90kg x 2 - Rep PR
95kg x 1 - 1RM PR
100kg x 2 - Eccentric only

Sumo Deadlift
60kg x 5
80kg x 5 - both these sets didn’t feel great on my hips. I was going to go for Sumo Volume sets but decided to go back to conventional deads

Conventional Deadlift
80kg x 5
100kg 3x5

Pendlay Rows
50kg 3x8 - Superset with 15kg dumbbell bent over rows for 8reps each arm

Seated cable rows superset seated lat pull-down (Lv8 x 10reps) superset face pulls (4big plates x 12reps), finished with face pull dropset 4x10.

Awesome workout. Little confused as to why my Sumo deads didn’t feel great but I’m not too worried. Now to chill and eat all day! It’s my mates bday 2moro night so I hope I don’t go too far off the rails…

Saturday 1st April

Chest & Abs

Incline Bench Press
57.5kg 5x5
40kg 2x10

Medium, Low & High Cable Crossovers
6x10 - I looked pretty ripped doing these, nice ego boost!

Narrow Grip Bench on Smith Machine
40kg 2x10

Superset with seated overhead tricep extensions
12.5kg 2x12

Ab roll-out/crunches/hanging leg raises (superset)
3x12 each exercise

I had a long weekend so decided to throw this workout in. Bit of a bro workout and the 1st time in over a month that I haven’t started it with squats. It was nice to have all my energy for bench. Abs are very weak for me. I think i should focus on them a bit more…

Monday 3rd April

Leg Day

Back Squats
Empty bar x 10
40kg x 5
60kg x 5
77.5kg 5x5

Lunges with BB in front squat position
40kg 3x6 each leg

Seated Calf raises
35kg 3x20

Standing Calf raises
80kg 3x10
40kg 2x lots to failure

Leg Press
80kg 2x16 (minimal rest, maximal burn)
100kg 2x12

Ya know it’s gonna be a struggle when the bar feels heavy for the squat Warm-up. Was leaning too far forward the whole time which made my right knee act up. As the session went on it all fell into place.

Hopefully will see some growth in my calves soon now that I’ve started supersetting seated and standing Calf raises.

Wednesday 5th April

Push Day

Bench Press
60kg 5x5 - got pretty grindy towards the end

Seated OH Press
20kg x 10
35kg 3x5 - Superset with 8kg Lateral Raises
20kg x 10

Dumbbell Bench Press
17.5kg 3x10 - Superset with 8kg Flyers

Seated OH Tricep Extensions
15kg 3x14 - probably could have upped the weight but I was getting good ROM and squeeze.

Overall another decent workout. Bench press is feeling ok, I always seem to stall around this weight but I will continue to add 2.5kg even though my last few reps weren’t stellar. Hopefully as I get stronger at my OH press, this will help out my benching.

Saturday 8th April

Pull Day

Back Squats
20kg x 10
40kg x 3
60kg x 3
70kg x 3
80kg x 2
90kg x 2
95kg x 1 - failed on the 2nd rep
100kg x 1 (Eccentric only)
110kg x 1 (Slow Eccentric only)

Conventional Deadlift
60kg x 5
100kg x 3
110kg x 3
115kg x 3

Pull Ups
Bodyweight 4x5

Face Pulls

Seated Bicep Curls
15kg 2x12
8kg 2x12 (dropset)

Another good workout. I’m thinking I need to buy a belt to put weights on for my pull ups and dips. They seem to improve to about 8 reps than drop back down to around 5. I’m hoping adding weight may help me build up that area. I keep forgetting to weigh myself!

Monday 10th April

Leg Day

Warm up on Leg Press. Nothing special just dicked around until a squat rack became available. Some wanker was standing at a loaded rack on the phone for the 1st 25minutes I was there. It made me so cranky I hit squats with a vengeance!

Back Squats
60kg x 5
70kg x 3
80kg 5x5 - this got really tough towards the end. I think i may keep this weight for next week as well.

Lunges with BB in front squat position
40kg x 4 each leg - I was going to do more but my right knee was feeling it and this puts a lot of pressure on it. I stopped the Lunges right there.

Front Squats
40kg 2x8
40kg x 11 - All front squats were done by keeping tension on my quads at all times. The last set was pretty much to failure.

Stationary Bike
Lv.5 for 3minutes - just to stop my quads shaking so I could drive home.

A short and sweet Leg Day. I’m thinking I may need to give my knee a bit more of rest than I have been. I don’t like to keep pushing through pain as it usually ends up nasty!

Wednesday 12th April

Push Day

Bench Press
40kg x 5
50kg x 5
62.5kg x 5
62.5kg x 4 - this was meant to be 5x5 with this weight bit I couldn’t do it :confused:
60kg 3x5 - dropped weight and continued my sets

Decline DB Bench
20kg 3x10

Steep Incline DB Bench (superset Fliers)
15kg 3x10 (8kg 3x10)

Tricep Pullovers on cable machine
Various weights 4x10ish - there was lots of going to failure and dropsets. Just a good pump to finish off.

Bench has always been a struggle. I’m seriously considering ditching it altogether and focusing on my OH barbell work for awhile. I like DB benching but the barbell is just beating me lately.

Friday 14th April

Pull Day

3min on Rowing Machine

Back Squats
20kg x 3
40kg x 3
60kg x 3
70kg x 3
80kg x 3
90kg 3x3

Conventional Deadlift
60kg x 5
100kg x 5
105kg 3x5

Pendlay Rows (superset DB rows)
52.5kg 3x8 (15kg 3x8)

Seated cable rows (superset seated lat pull-down)
Lv4 big plates 3x10 (3x10)

Great morning workout. With light weight on the squats my left side hip flexor felt a bit off. As the weights increased the discomfort went away. My last few sets of squats had a bit of form break down but I managed through them. Deads felt great, I’m primed for 120kg deads next week!

Monday 17th April

Deload Week

My hips and knee has been feeling it since I have started squatting 3x a week. Time to have a deload on squats and do some Bodyweight, ab and conditioning exercises.

Today I did a quick Bodyweight session.

Bw squats x 30
Push ups x 20
Crunches x 20
Bw Lunges x 30

Did that circuit twice. A bit of a struggle due to my Easter shenanigans hangover :stuck_out_tongue:

Tuesday 18th April


16kg kettlebell goblet squats x 20
16kg kettlebell swings x 20
Bent hanging leg raises x 20
Crunches x 12
Ab roll-out x 12

Did that circuit 3 times. 2nd time I omitted the crunches, 3rd time I omitted the crunches and the ab roll-out.

Holy hell! Nobody told me that deload weeks were meant to be easier than regular sessions. After the 1st circuit I realised my weak ass abs wouldn’t be able to do it all again and after the 2nd circuit I was looking for the toilets and feeling really woozy.

I’m embarrassed about my level of conditioning and my inability to do 20 Crunches in a row. I think i will try this circuit for as many days this week as I can to bring up some very weak areas of mine.

Wednesday 19th April


16kg kettlebell goblet squats x 20
16kg kettlebell swings x 20
16kg kettlebell Russian twists x 22
Hanging leg raises x 20

I did 3 circuits of this again today. It killed me again. At least I didn’t drop any exercises but I nearly dropped myself. I wanted to tack some Calf work on the end but this aerobic bullshit really messes with me.

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where the…

where the hell…

where the hell are the rows???

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Uh you mean these rows…

And theses ones…

Or do you mean rowing machine? I also do that for a couple of minutes before most workouts but I don’t write it down.

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Hmmm, not entirely sure how I missed those…

Alright, carry on, you can consider yourself let off with a caution this time, but don’t let me catch you at it again.


Monday 24th April

Pull Day

Chin ups
BW 3x5

60kg x 5
100kg x 3
110kg x 3
120kg 3x3 - failed to get the bar off the ground on the last rep of last set. I felt my back rounding slightly on the 2nd last rep and just didn’t have it in me.
100kg x 6

Pendlay Rows (superset DB rows)
55kg 3x8 (20kg 3x8) - I think i should stop doing this superset. The last set of Pendlay Rows was sloppy and 52.5kg felt light last week.

And that was it! Very happy with the deads. It’s only the 2nd time I have hit 120kg and this time it felt a lot better. The last set of deads and the superset made the Pendlay Rows feel difficult. My grip and my lower back fatigued quickly.

FYI: I went camping on the weekend that’s why I missed my pull day on Saturday. I will do my leg day 2moro if I’m up for it.

Tuesday 25th April


Push Press
20kg x 5
30kg x 5
40kg x 5
50kg 3x5

Seated OH Press
35kg 4x8

Seated Calf raises (superset standing Calf raises)
35kg 4x20 (80kg 4 x whatever to failure)

Straight leg raises on Roman Chair

Bent leg raises on Roman Chair

Had the day off due to ANZAC Day. My back was rather fatigued from the deadlift volume yesterday so instead of Leg day I decided to work on some weak areas of mine.

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Does that make you fellow southern hemisphere lifter ?

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Queenslanderrrr! Haha I saw your ANZAC Day reference on your log as well.

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