irish oatmeal?

hey guys like many I have my serving of oat’s in the a.m but I was in the store and saw irish oat’s, whats the deal with them are the just as good as regular oat’s?

I believe the Irish oats are “steel cut” rather than the typical “rolled oats”. As steel cut, instead of being rolled flat, the whole oat is left intact but cut by knives into short, whole, round pieces and as such, has an even lower glycemic index than regular old fashioned rolled oats. I’ve never eaten the steel cut oats but from what I’ve heard, their lower GI would make them an even better choice than regular rolled. You may have to cook them a little longer as they are “coarser” than rolled which is what gives them their lower GI. If you try them, let us know what you think.

You have to soak them in water overnight or boil the shit out of them. Very tough oats! Kinda hard to eat. I prefer the regular kind for taste and texture.

Heb is right, irish oats are where they take the whole oat and toast them, then cut them with steel blades. If you soak them they will cook faster. They are very hearty, and will clean you out.

I’ve been using McCann’s Irish oats for about two weeks now and I really like them. They’re a little crunchy and have a slight nutty flavor. Definitely different than Quakers. It does require more time to cook them. But you can cook up a batch in the evening and then heat it up in the morning.