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Irish Joins the Dark Side


Wrestling and BJJ are not on the same planet

First its hard to find a wrestling club that is open- usually they are full of HS, or college age kids looking to train - over the summer- they are not really geared for the causal user but sniff around if you are interested, its also not that fun when the 13 year old kid grinds you down for 3 hours Ever time you show up.

As far as BJJ and wrestling being on the same plane- the take downs in BJJ- are all so very very basic,
and really a preclude to being on the ground- and that's as far as they go with them.
Every BJJ class I have been to maybe 3 of them have ever gone past , a double, maybe a single leg,
and the 4 most basic judo throws.

Take downs in wrestling, are the bread and butter of the game- its the first thing you learn.
more so in greco- and freestyle where there is very little time on the mat.

however Bjj is like all of the fun stuff HS and college wrestling leaves out.



haha. That's what I was figuring.

I'm not concerned with learning a tremendous amount of takedowns. I would rather learn four or five that are very strong (I already know the double leg takedown, and one single leg) instead of many of them. The rolling is the fun part for me.


Demolished my shoulder last night in BJJ. Partially popped out, took a second to reset it.



Oh, shit, Irish. Are you still able to train?


I don't know what I'm going to do. It hurts like a motherfucker today, the range of motion is barely there.

I'm caught here, because I don't want to fuck it up any worse and not be able to box or lift (this is the second time in a little more than a year) but I do really enjoy BJJ.

I may take some time and start working the rotator cuff again, try to do some rehabbing, and go back for another shot. But I know this is going to mean that I'll be out for at least a little while.



That does bite it. Deeply. When you go back it'll pay to be picky about who you roll with, and to warn people about that shoulder.

Hmmm - you know, some people you train with might welcome the chance to train "creatively". When my shoulder was trashed for a couple of months I tied my arm tightly to my chest & trained one-armed. I wonder if, once the initial pain & inflammation of the injury subsides, if you'd get any benefit out of trying that?


hey irish take care of that shoulder and if you cant rehab it go see an ortho. there's nothing worse
than shoulder tears that happens with short head bicep tears. just as well as post op shoulder pain it
isn't anything i wish on a person and i know due injurying less than 2 yrs ago. take care of yourself.


It's really my own fault. I slacked off so bad with the rotator-specific exercises and concentrated on the bigger lifts. I could feel that the joint wasn't as stable as it should be, but I just kept on. Fucking stupid.


Man Irish that sucks the big one.

I have a dodgy shoulder on the right side. Fully dislocated it a few years ago in a fight.
Never been the same scince.
Just take it easy man, don't rush back in. I know it sucks being on the sidelines but it's better than getting back in too soon and re-injuring.

This reminds me that i've been really slack with rotator cuff work lately too, I'll remember to do it next session at least.


Do you participate in a martial art? Which one?


One problem I found with lifting heavy is that it weakened my joints. High rep lifts (20 to 55) seemed to help my joints A LOT. Shoulders especially were that way for me.

When you've recovered keep a light DB or Kettlebell by where you often sit, such as at work or in front of the TV. A 25 lbs db or 1 pood kb (35 lbs) will do. Now just play with it while you watch Family Guy or something like that. Do sets of high rep presses, curls, wrist curls, whatever you like. Doing those presses helped my shoulders a lot.

Good luck and get better soon!


Welcome to BJJ. Unfortunatly its part of the game, I am a brown belt, and have had a number of injuries....but you get through it. Good luck, get better and keep at it. Ps_betcha ya start watching MMA after a while, it sucks you in especially when you better understand whats going on on the ground. Cheers, good luck.


I have made the same mistakes and trashed both my rotator cuffs....and i'm 40 now so my unsolicited advice to you would be to take care of them, especially if you lift heavy, do over head pressing etc and the like. I was in such a hurry to "get strong" I made some serious errors, which if i had the ability to do things over i would correct. At least you are aware of the matter, so clearly you know what to do. Good luck


I think I did stupid shit when I was younger that really destroyed them- things like heavy upright rows, improper bench pressing, front raises and the like... pretty much all the crap that everyone tells you not to do now.

My workouts now are very similar to CW's TBT... a couple full body ones with mixed up rep ranges. Since I got into boxing and MA's I've begun doing a lot more higher rep stuff, and most of my joints feel pretty good.

I will give what you're saying a shot. At this point I'll do anything.


Appreciate the words of encouragement. Sometimes, especially after these shoulder issues, you get to the point where you want to say "fuck it" and just give up on ever competing in a combat sport. I'm already there with boxing- I'll never be able to compete, but I want to with BJJ.

I'm going to take a month and work my rotator, let it heal, and then give it another shot. I'm not going to repeat this mistake.


Taekwondo and hapkido at the moment, been studying for about a year. Judo will be next because of the lack of grappling/throws/ground work in my current arts.

Here is my new thread that kind of deals with that issue, check it out!



FI, sorry to hear about the shoulder injury. Sucks that it happened so soon into your BJJ experience.

Hang in there, heal up and get back to work as soon as you feel up to it.


Yo Kid you need to train like an old guy now...
I do and its not so bad.

Sorry to hear about the shoulder
start with this.

face pulls with external rotation,
and DB power cleans.



Don't I know it.

Those videos were great. When do you do the exercises? I know it says on there that it can be done before, after lifting for either upper or lower body, but what have you found to be the most beneficial?


I do the ytwl almost every time I lift
Doing them first, has stopped the "clicking" noises
I use like a 5 or 8lb db on these.

the DB power cleans I will try to do at the end.... again lighter weights.

and I do the dislocates, or broomstick stretch as part of a mobility warm up,
and try to do it at night too.