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Irish Joins the Dark Side


Had my first BJJ class last night.

Yea yea, I know motherfuckers. But me trying to do groundwork is like watching a drunk autistic kid have a seizure, so I figure what the fuck. I enjoy it, too, and it's not a beating like getting punched in the head.

It was a small class, only basics. Did some side mount shit, shifting to full mount, etc. Also was taught how to do an armbar (pretty cool). Because of previous experience, I actually didn't get my ass kicked. Even managed to roll with a blue belt and not get murdered (although who knows how hard he was going).

It was a shitload of fun though... and it's been a while since I was so exhausted that I was lightheaded. Going to keep up with it I think.


Be very careful. 5 years ago I was a comitted Muay Thai guy who went to check out a BJJ free class just for the hell of it.

It takes over your life!


Hahahahaha. I can certainly see how that might happen.


Pretty cool shit. I always find no gi BJJ to be an excellent, fun workout that doesn't take too much out of me despite of the sparring. AND you're learning ass kicking skills.


YES! Irish welcome to the dark side!!! Haha, don't get me wrong, I love Muay Thai, but there's just something about BJJ. It's a different animal all together.


Nice! Irish, you're going to be good at this. BJJ is beautiful counterpoint to boxing.


is this for fun irish, or for the streets?


Being more well rounded as a fighter is always good. If you can box, wrestle and know some bjj/sub wrestling you could beat most people in most fight situations.


Well, mostly for fun. Even though I'm kind of disparaging about BJJ and can't watch the UFC, I have always loved rolling. Watching others do it bores the shit out of me, but it's fun as hell when you're in there.

On top of that, I've also realized that as I get older, the situations I get put in have changed. It's not so many all out fights where fists are flying and there's multiple opponents like it used to be, and I don't get involved as much in said situations as I used to because I don't drink like as much nowadays. I also have a huge fear of ruining the career I've got going with assault charges... I'm far more conscious of this then I used to be.

That being said, I like the throws, takedowns, and locks that BJJ has. They're quick and effective, and you can measure that amount of force that you put into it according to the threat level. The places where I hang out now don't have the "Screw it let them fight" attitude that some of the bars I used to go to had, so things get broken up quicker- the cavalry comes and gets the other people out. And BJJ is much sneakier, and looks way better on a security camera then a combination that knocks the guy out and leaves to chance him banging his head on a chair and dying and me getting brought up for manslaughter.

While there are still many situations that it does not work in, it seems to fit my needs at the moment. It will, as someone said, make me more rounded, which is good, and keep my ass in good cardiovascular shape (which, after the first class, I found to be lacking haha).


I love bjj, but if you want to learn throws and takedowns you should try judo! Most clubs are extremely cheap so you could go once or twice a week on top of bjj.


You might not learn any throws and takedowns, I've been training for 5 years and have learned one on one day (an extremely low single). It depends on your school's curriculum, but many BJJ places do not emphasize it.


I think this one integrates a lot of MMA into it. They had us working on standing drills to get you in position in the beginner class, so I assume they keep it going.


Not that I don't think Judo is awesome too, I just really don't have the time to do anything else. I'm busy as fuck with work and finding classes to fit my fucked up schedule is hard enough with one MA haha.


I imagine your rolling is as graceful as my striking.... I sucked when I tried it.

BJJ is lots of fun, but if you want take downs, Ill second Chitown and recommend some Judo,
no surprise there.


Oh I understand. But like I said, they integrate MMA techniques in there, the head instructor is kind of a jack-of-all-trades type. So it'll be BJJ mixed with whatever else.

I truly have no ground game... so I need this practice haha.




welcome to the ground game irish,

I think you'll also get a kick out of how your viewing MMA will change. All of a sudden you start seeing more and more options and posibilities. You even start recognizing set-ups before they go for the sub.

good luck and have fun


Harder to find wrestling clubs after high school from my experience, but if there is one around that would be great as well.


Aren't wrestling and BJJ pretty much on the same plane?


In the same way that TKD and muay thai are.

Wrestling is more focused on the take downs and trying to pin someone shoulder down. It's more of a sport than a martial art. You try to win by points. There are some wrestling moves that can kill, sbmit and maim but you don't win by submitting someone.
Whereas BJJ focuses more on the ground work and submission. In BJJ you don't focus on points but rather on submitting someone.

A good wrestler will be very hard to take down and to get him to stay on his back when on the floor. However, his comfort zone is laying down on his stomach, which in BJJ is a no no because you can easily get rear choked.
A bjj guy will be in his comfort zone on his back.