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Irish Gyms?


I'm heading to Ireland in July. Aside from a lot of good beer, I need to get a couple of training sessions in. I know where I'm headed in Dublin if I can go for a day only, but any suggestions for Cork, Cong or Donegal Town?


Where is "Cong" that's not a County lol

For Cork I live in the City - best gym would be the Mardyke Arena - It's the College gym but open to public has everything you need.

If you PM me or something I can go lift with you if I'm around.


I would bag training if this is a vacation .


Thanks. I meant Cong the town -- in Mayo County.


I normally do, but the vacation is poorly timed for a raw meet I have coming up. I won't need to do much -- probably just two sessions with minimal assistance work.


Gotcha .


Currently living in Galway for Uni but moving back to Offaly in June, can't suggest any gyms in Cork, Dublin, Mayo or Donegal b/c i don't know any but if you need a suggestion for a place near me feel free to PM me. Donegal is a great spot btw.


Mardyke arena. Good shit.


If you're in Cork and can get out to Ballincollig, I highly recommend this place. The owner is some drug-free federation deadlift record holder for the 80kg weight class. They love heavy weights and chalk(at least, they did the two times I trained there).


The dumbbells do up 75kg, so that's always a good sign


Thanks for all the suggestions.