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Irish Drug Free PLing Champs 07

They were run on Saturday and Sunday last. Bit of a low turn out compared to previous years, and the standard of lifting was slighty down with it. BUT there were some very big lifts over the 2 days.

The full results are available here http://www.idfpa.plus.com/results.htm

I did my first gear in equipment and wore a relatively loose f6 (goes on in under 5 mins) and a pair of knee wraps, competing as a 90kg (198lb) junior.

I went 8 for 9 to total 560kg (1235lb).

190/150/220kg or 420/330/485.

I completly forgot to close my belt on my first squat so I bascially did it beltless, which was cool!! I’m still trying to make knee wraps work for me, I’ m not really getting anything out of them.

Anyway, here’s the vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX5rXo8JExk

I can’t watch the video but darn good job on the lifts!

Something to aspire to.


Nice work, seems like your bench has gone up a bunch, is that your raw lift too or more getting used to the shirt?

good job Hanley, good work on the dead too.

nice job

Wrap tighter to get more out of your knee wraps. My feet are fully numb by the time I step under the bar. A little disconcerting at first, but like everything you get used to it and I actually like it.

There is an article on EFS about wrapping knees if you haven’t seen it.

Nice job Hanley. For those who don’t know, all three lifts are Junior National Records, as was the total. Hanley’s probably a little too modest to mention that.

Great lifts. Keep up the good work!

Good work, my man.

You are coming along nicely!

Didnt know this even existed and I live in Ireland, where is this held at, is it on every year or what?

Nice lifting, those first two pulls went up like training lifts. Good depth on the squats too.

Nice job! You have me caught on the bench! LOL. Your squats looked pretty good too. Deadlifts were good except I think you coulda gone heavier. I normally don’t even think about the last dead. Make your first deadlift your last warm up and then blast off on the second. Good lifting!! Let me know how you progress.

Nice work man. Those were some awsome lifts. Keep it up.

Great job Hanley. Awesome video.

Hanley after all the help you’ve given me over the last few months it was brilliant to see you in action. I’ve no doubt you’re going to be the #1 Junior Irish lifter next year. Job very well done!!!

Great job Hanley. Those numbers will fall again soon once you really get the equipment working for you too!

Great job man.

Congratulations man. Very inspirational.

Good work