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Iraqi Vet Disrespected at Home


Interesting article, I will not copy all of it. You can read the whole thing at the source if you want the back story.

"When I got home from Iraq after a year long combat tour I attended a Kerry/Edwards rally in Kansas City. At the rally I was confronted by a group of able-bodied males carrying signs that said "Students For Bush." They called me a traitor, a disgrace, and they told me to move to France. They said this because I was going to vote for Senator Kerry. They claim to be so supportive of the troops, but they were not at all supportive of me. I guess that only applies to troops who share their political ideas. I just returned home from a war that they support, but obviously don't have the courage to fight. If they did they would be fighting it. It is much easier to support a war from your office, classroom, or from your cozy living room than from the actual battlefield."



Yeah, that sucks and all, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I deal with it every once in awhile from the opposite side of the coin.

For example, one evening I was out at the bar when a couple girls asked if they could sit with me, and being a guy who wasn't expecting company I was like hell yeah! We talk for awhile and it turns out they go to the same college, small talk, blah blah. Then one of them asks how old I am and I tell her 26, then she asks why I'm so old and still doing my undergrad so I tell her I was in the Army for six years at which point her friend launches into a tirade on how wrong we were for invading Iraq. I was taken aback because as many of you may or may not know I am not a Bush supporter. However, I didn't need some 21 yr old, self-righteous Psych major lecturing me on my misdeeds or explaining why I decided to follow orders and serve overseas...the bitch actually told me that if I had courage I would've said no to going...nice to judge from behind the safety of youth and ignorance...needless to say things took a sharp nosedive around this point and I didn't get to sleep with either of them but I felt fairly vindicated by the end of it.

So yeah, it happens on both sides...almost made a conservative out of me right on the spot.