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You knew this was coming. Not much to say except that Iraq is really a ridiculous place. How do millions of people allow themselves to be led by a 72 year old guy who looks like an aging Arab porn star, wears a military uniform despite not being a soldier, heads a cabinet and a congress in which every member has the same hairdo and moustache as he does and who has mandated that the only posters that their version of Kinko's are allowed to produce bear his image. The airport there is called Saadam Airport (that's creative). It's really like a 'bad guy' out of central casting for some really bad version of a Batman sequel. Some cultures will just never get it together; can you imagine how screwed these morons would be if fate and dumb luck hadn't put them on top of 10.7% of the world's known oil reserves? They'd be waking up and waiting for their U.N.I.C.E.F. bag of rice to drop from a UN-flagged airplane instead of rattling sabres at the US with one hand while clutching bootlegged DVD copies of "Dude, Where's my Car" with the other. Time to carpetbomb these hypocrites.


Bump. Somebodys gotta read this, its too funny to pass up.


is that dennis miller?


Put on your fire suit


Toetally awesome start but you should pull your head after that.


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Hey...I always wondered what happened to Joe from that show "The Facts of Life". Is there anything at all sexy about this woman? I ask you. Call me conventional, but this kind of "woman" gives me the willies. I could never hang out with a woman that could kick my ass. Actually, a lot of the women I hang out with could kick my ass. But that is not important. This one could SERIOUSLY kick my ass.

Is this for real??
The prediction was a bit off. Noone seems to mind the toetally racist quote. They shot down Santa & killed jesus anyway (South Park).


A couple months ago I saw a George W. toe on there and I only saw it once and I can't find it anymore. It was friggin hilarious. I love cameltoe.org <3