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Iraq war update

 Alright this is no update. It has nothing to do with Iraq in fact.

 Ive never played paintball. However after reading on some really cool stuff you can do with it, it can be THE GREATEST tactical game - EVER, lol.

 You can organize 2 teams of 10 on a big enough field, each team with their own headquarters - and the purpose is for a team to capture the opposing team's flag (read: dirty piece of laundry on a stick) and return it to their headquarters.
 Each team organized into an infantry unit of 6, a sniper/forward observer team of 2, and 2 guys to guard the headquarters.
 The infantry unit is divided into team alpha and team beta. They close in with the other team and try to eliminate them. 
 They can hide behinda few cushes by a trail the other team will use - both teams along the same road but the second team about a hundred feet further along. The first team waits for the enemy team to move past them and ambush them by attacking from the rear. The enemy team will now either turn back to attack you, at which point the second team attacks them from what is now their rear; or they run forward at which point it is the second team's job to finish the ambush.

  When you encounter a bunker with the enemy team in it you can send someone (sniper) to hide within range of the bunker and shoot at the enemy - not all out, but only a bullet everyonce in a while to get their attention. If you shoot continuously you give away your position. By only shooting one bullet when the enemy is about to leave the bunker or do something else, you keep em there without giving away your position. Meanwhile 2 or 3 teams of the infantry move to different positions around the bunker. At a predetermind signal all 3 teams attack the bunker which should overwhelm the enemy team.

  For example, when moving along a trail with a team of three guys you may encounter an enemy team shooting at you. Most guys playing would just scramble around in all directions to avoid being hit. However once dispersed they are no longer a team nor a viable threat. However the good teams will instead do this:
If retreating, the guy in the front will run to the back while the other two guys shoot at the enemy providing cover fire; then the guy who is now in the front will run to the back while the other two provide cover fire from a a prone position - this way you can eliminate enemy members while remaining a team and maintaining a great chance of making the game.

  Check this page out http://www.tacticalmarkers.com/tips_and_tactics.htm. It was written by a former infantryman and swat team member. There's some great tips for really neat games there. Any team with these tactics has definitely a great edge over most teams who are really nothing but a group of individuals shooting their hearts out and scrambling disorganizedly around the field so much you no longer know of the whereabout of your team members, of ir theyve been eliminated.

  It can be a damn good tactical game - so much so the Air Force and the MArines use PAINTBALL for Urban combat training (they prefer the paintballs because they sting when they hit you which cause you to develop a habit of staying low and make training more realistic)


ha ha


I played paintball once. I got hit, so you are supposed to put your hands up and walk out and no one will fire on you. My fucking ass. Jesus christ - the hands up sign was like saying "Here I am you lame-o fucksticks, shoot me in the nuts if you can" God damn. I got hit on the foot to get out, then I got pelted 6-8 more times leaving the arena. Pussies.


Why mention Iraq in a thread like this?

Was it a joke?

A few thousand civilians where killed by your country there so maybe the association with a form of entertaining is kind of disrespectfull.

Just my opinion.

Of course, someone that watches war for excitement and entertainement like yourself will surely have a different opinion, so maybe I just missed the point.


Paint Ball is awsome. specailly for ex millitary, they also have smoke and paint granades. I also like it when you shoot the little kids and make them cry...haha lots of fun and can get very expensive too.


Restless, lately Ive been publicly criticized for all my Iraq war posts - which apparently are too many. There's a whole post dedicated to criticizing me and US=GG.

The title was a rib on that post. See?