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Iraq Vet w/ a few Questions, Any Advice Greatly Appreciated

Hey guys I just recently returned from my 2nd tour in Iraq and am looking to put on some lean muscle. I’d very much appreciate any and all advice you have based on experience. I have been online quite a bit doing some research and have a pretty good grasp of most of the info on cycling that’s in the majority of newbie faq’s. A buddy of mine not too long ago recommended a place he goes to that’s like a hormone replacement(HRT) clinic where he pays a lot to get legit testosterone through a doctor’s prescription. I checked it out and went for a free consultation and they offer a 10 wk supply of test cypionate but do not include or recommend any type of ancillaries or PCT. When I asked specifically about anything they would also prescribe at the end of the cycle to boost my body’s own natural test production up while warding off any estrogen-related side effects they said that it wouldn’t be necessary and just to taper off the test gradually.

Now that goes against basically all the info I’ve read online and I wanted to get you guys opinion on if I should do their test cypionate only cycle as they recommend or if I should just get the test cyp from them and order stuff like HCG, Clomid, and Nolva online somewhere for my PCT?? If so are there any sites you guys would recommend that are reliable and dependable for me to order from? Like I’ve said I’m pretty new to this so I’m worried about ordering online and them just keeping my money and never hearing back from them. Any opinions or advice you have to share with me would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Read the stickies at the top of the steroids BB. This BB is TRT focused and TRT is not cycled.

You are getting dangerous advice from that ‘place’ and you do not want to end up on this BB needing TRT.

Do a lot of research. Do not do a deca only cycle!