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Iraq Election


I'm surprised no one has started a thread about the election in Iraq.

I'm pleased to report that Iraq has just extended the deadline for voting due to high turnout.

I'm also pleased to report that even NPR was forced to acknowledge that the violence was far less than during the first election.

That is winning!!!

This is an enormous success for Iraq, the region, and the world.

Thank you Coalition and the supporters of the effort.



Woohoo, I want to cheer too, can I cheer for something and sound like a vapid high school girl also?


Vroom, regardless of your political viewpoint, you'd have to be quite a hag to not be happy for Iraqis getting a chance at representative government.

You may not be for the war that occasioned this, but there is no sense in being snide about their opportunity as its stands now.


nothing like building yourself a nice cage with no way to get out. Precisely what we're doing in Iraq...



I am happy they are getting to vote. There are a lot of good things happening over there for Iraqi's.

I'll be happier if their government evolves to espouse equality or something approaching it for women, instead of traditional muslim values.

I'll be even happier if the country doesn't descent into civil war when the US finally decides it is time to go home.

Anyway, I've repeatedly outlined my hopes for what may eventually happen in Iraq, in terms of positive outcomes. I'm simply disgusted by the incessant vapid cheerleading which pays no attention to difficulties and issues, but simply attempts to rah-rah support for the administration.


mmg_4 wrote:
"nothing like building yourself a nice cage with no way to get out. Precisely what we're doing in Iraq..."

As a matter of fact, it seems that some democrats are trying to gain traction by advocating leaving Iraq. kerry/murtha try to float the "immediate redeployment" trial balloons. They are soundly rejected, of course, but your pals do try their little stunts.

I'm pleased that the majority of people realized the importance of stabilizing Iraq and rejected john "you must wear body armor to play soccer" kerry.



Hey Thunder,

I appreciate the support. However, I'm confused: Who is vroom?



It is truly an excellent thing.

I hope this is a step toward freedom for all in the Middle East.

That will undermine the evil that is radical Islam.


I am embarrassed for my country when there are those that feel the need to look only at the negative. I don;t see how they can possibly spin a negative out of 15 million people cramming the voting booths, and risking their own lives to cast a simple paper ballot.

They aren't being forced to do this. Quite the contrary - it seems that meany are exercising one of the most basic of personal freedoms at their own peril.

For those of the ABB/Can't-wait-for-something-shitty-to-happen crowd, It wasn't until the 1920's until women recieved the right to vote in the U.S. To sit injudgement on a governance decided by people risking their lives to come and participate in the selection of that governance is chickien shit elitism at its pinnacle.

But I expect little else from the lefties that have posted on this thread thus far.


Something I am encouraged by, as it could point to a much reduced chance of civil war, is an apparent good turn out by the Sunni's this time around.

That is promising!


I would be interested to hear from the people who despise W. and everything Republican.

Given that this election looks like a smashing success, does that at least give you pause? Is there any circumstance for which you will say, "You know, I still hate W., but his plan seems to have worked in this case."

I see a situation in which people are thrilled by the prospect of Democracy. They are participating in huge numbers. No one has suggested that they are being coerced in any way to go to the polls. Their participation speaks volumes about the direction that they want their country to go.

Let me ask my liberal friends in another way: If bill clinton was in the White House, wouldn't you be celebrating this birth of freedom?



It's probably the most transparent election in the Middle East in modern times.

If you are civilian in a country such as Iran or Syria you have to take notice and start to question the dictator in power. Iran in particular seems ripe for Democracy if the thugs in power can be toppled.

It seems to me this election would bring positive hope to the region.


Give it a rest, buddy. I have to say that I'm very heartened by the election. I really hope that Iraq is capable of instituting and maintaining democracy once our support-troops and otherwise, decreases!


Yes, they would. The war was largely waged on false pretenses. And the future is precarious. But this is still good news, no matter how you look at it!


Give what a rest?

Basically saying the same thing as you in this thread while being annoyed at Jerffy for being a chearleader?


What did he do that was cheerleading? Say something positive about the situation over there? Is that a cheerleader?

Just because good news is reported does not constitute cheerleading. But since it is different than your view - then it must be cheerleading.

What's funny is that EVERYONE sees your partisan blather for what it is. Even those that are against the war can see what you are doing. Everyone but you.


Funny stuff what those demo's say.

Some Marines die and they are all over it.

We have safe and fair elections in IRAQ of all places and they don't want to give the US credit.

You guys are slowly but surely turning yourselves into a joke.


Estimates are between 67% and 73% voter turnout.

And we are cheerleading if we actually see this as an incredibly wonderful thing.

Call me a cheerleader then.


It seems like the news from iraq is getting more positive lately. Mabey i was too quick to predict a civil war. Regardless it looks like the administration is going to pull out this coming year thank god


Nope. Saddamm had a surprisingly secular regime going. Now, since we might be goading the iraqis into adopting more radical beleifs from having a bunch of white people coming in and forcing democracy down their throats, this may make them MORE radically islamic in the future. Not a good thing.

Islam is kind of like Christianity ( or any religion that serves to give your creator a way to take up your hardships in life ) .
Based on the chance that civil war does happen AND radical islamists DO win, then it will further take us from this.