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Iraq Cycle


Hey guys,
I have been reading here for years and I have a problem I need your advice on.
This is my third time in Iraq in the last 3 years. I have Test E and all PCT needed for the cycle.
The question is Food...I can get all the Boiled Eggs I can carry out of the DFAC and I have Tuna as well as Protein powder. I have enough of those that I can get 300 grams of protein or more a day. I weigh 200lb 15% BF
BUT I don't think I will be able to ingest a large number of calories. Anything else at the DFAC is horrible for you...
How will the low total Cal. intake affect the cycle if I can keep the protein high?

Thanks for all the help.


I doubt that you'd want to do a cycle in that kind of environment. You do remember what summer in Iraq is like, right? Or do you have some desk job that keeps you in the AC all day long? I know I would fucking drop dead in the heat if I were cycling. As for calories and protein, why not just get a lot of Grow! powder and bars and keep the intake up instead of possibly losing out on the benefits of the cycle by avoiding the KBR crap food. That's what I did when I was there. I pretty much lived on Grow! and Metabolic Drive!, and jerky. Worked out well for me.


Mini hijack...

I finally figured out what KBR stands for after 9.5 months in A'stan, Kick Back Relax. I dont think one could have it any better than these guys. As for the food, they butcher it, over cook it, over spice it almost beyond recognition and I swear the stuff must be devoid of any nutrional value. I tear through protien powder like crazy.

Back to the thread, we had a steriod ring get busted at the camp Im at and they are cracking down on everyone with wiz quizes specifically for steriods now. I would be weary of having them on my person much less take them.


LOL well your right about the food. But I already have the gear and the best way to get rid of it is to use it.
I don't have to worry about the Wiz Quiz in my position we have certian perks.... but I heard about the guys you mentioned and I appericate the heads up.
I really just want to know how much the calorie deffiancy will hurt gains as long as the protien intake is high.


I am certainly no expert on steriods but I have read a hell of a lot about sports nutrition, and I can tell you that carbs are equally as important to gains as protien is, a lot of the latest research is confirming this. Basically as im sure you are aware carbs are the fuel that fuel your work out, if you do not consume enough carbsthen your body will start to convert your protien intake into energy and therefore you will lose out on gains.

I have no experience of Army food, so take your word for it that its bad, I would suggest eating plain pasta or jaket potatoes if you can, hopefully your chefs are not so awful that they can spoil plain pasta!


if this is your first cycle, and your goal is bulking, the solution is simple....if you see food, eat it! don't get too overly analytical of your available food sources.


Great, thanks guys thats what i needed to know.