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Iraq: 5 Soldiers Killed, 3 Missing

Some people around here clearly stated that by its very nature, Islam condones terrorism. I have no idea who put that idea between their ears, but it’s absolutely not the Islam I know.

Might be the fact that there has been a great deal of terrorism done by Muslims to other Muslims and non-Muslims in the last 30 years. It might give some people that impression.

That and other things which I do not want to get into here, because they have been argued to death on other threads.

I guess the only way to make yourself feel good about it is to blame America for all of it and point to some of the things we did to combat the Communist threat in the world, which I won’t apologise for because Communism was plainly evil.

[quote]Sloth wrote:
lixy wrote:

As pacifist as I am, I can’t rule out blowing a fuse and going after every last one of them.

Would you blow a fuse and go after the insurgents for their market bombs, sectarian attacks, killing of elected officials, so on and so forth?


I do not believe that logic fits in his little cyber-jihad.

So let me ask you this, Lixy? When are you going to get pissed at the terrorist’s who have hi-jacked your religion and turned your religion into a spring-board for world -wide violence? Where is your out rage that they use God’s name to commit the most horrific acts?

Where is your outrage that they claim to speak for you and all Muslims? Where is your outrage that this supposedly small element in your religion has gained the fear and disdain of the entire world?

As you excuse this evil on a regular and blame Israel and the U.S. for all the problems. consider this, that those your excuse and defend on a daily basis are more your enemy then they are ours.

I challenge you to speak up in your religious community and/or mosque and demand that those who do violence and speak for violence in the name of God or Islam be cast out of the mosques and alienated by the religious community as a whole. Do you have the guts?

[quote]John S. wrote:
Tokoya wrote:
Now THIS is news that would make Lixy sad:


Shits about to hit the fan.

There is only one thing left to do to these monsters, CARPET BOMB.[/quote]

We all know how that worked out for Israel last summer.

Or maybe you don’t. Let me fill you in:
The captured soldiers weren’t released, Hezbollah came out strenghtened, thousands dead, millions displaced, and olmert’s almost a political corpse.