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Iranian Strongman...Crazy Huge

Anybody else see this article. This guy is a freak!

He can lift 170kg!!! lol

I only skimmed through that but is that the entirety of what they wrote about his powerlifting achievements?

Anyway, while we’re on big guys… I saw a picture of Brian Shaw standing next to some monsterous Irish kid… Anyone have any idea who that was?

He has a very odd build, lots of pictures on his instagram mostly of him posing and none lifting which is a little weird.

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What’s his Instagram handle?

if he only weighs 330 pounds he can’t be that tall under 6 ft , his body fat from pictures around 25 percent, his build is very unusual, remember Isaac nesser who had biggest arms 26 inches, claimed to bench 825 raw and drug free, never showed up to show strength. Does he train legs, im not seeing monster quads. We used to have some 45lb plates that were the size of 35 plates to explain the one picture of him with weight in his hands. Regardless he must eat a lot of kabobs. My knowledge of this i competed against phil makdisi, seen greg Kovacs and a good friend of mine was Anthony Clark. So ive seen some huge mo fos.

“Sajad Gharibi, 24, from Iran, is said to weigh almost 24 and a half stone and almost all of it is muscle.”

LOL, yeah fucking right. This fatty is over 25% bf, easily. He has 3 chins for fuck’s sake. The one pic where his waist looks small has been altered, for sure.

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I have seen that picture too. Brian Shaw is heeeuuuge. And, that kid makes him look smallish/normal.

I think we’ve all been doing the wrong stuff to get big. I noticed this Iranian guy likes Fanta, maybe that’s his secret.
In all seriousness you are pretty hooge, if you get stretch marks on your traps. Never seen that before.

His name is Sean O’ Hagen he’ s 6’11 i think 370 ish , the picture i saw he’s got a lot of thickening up to catch of with Shaw, but he’s only like 24.

Haha. Fucking Fanta, I saw that. That’s hilarious

Cool, I didn’t know his name. He has weight to put on, but like you said 24 years old.

My friend Anthony Clark ate around 10 to 12000 cals a day at 5’7 340 so I think a couple years of around 15to 17000 calories a day , lots of fish and chips, bangers and potatoes, intense training and recuperatives we will see. I did just read an article that the mountain on king of thrones ONLY eats 10000 cal a day, thats like 16 big macs, his diet is actually very clean though .

Most of the top level guys say they eat 10k bumping it to 12 for intense training periods.

Makes sense , have you ever tried to eat 5lb of chicken breast in one day ?

Sean O’ Hagen is a LARGE human. He and Shaw for comparison.

Taller bigger frame now fill that out, let’s not forget the mountain, nonetheless events are catered fot 6’6 plus guys. He is still a puppy got plenty of time to peak.

Haha. It doesn’t say what lift though. I assume preacher curl. (Do they call them Imam curls in Iran?)

How many women a day do you have to beat to get that big in Iran?

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