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Iranian Guard: We'll 'Punch' the US


"Iran's Guards: We'll 'Punch' US
By NASSER KARIMI, Associated Press Writer
Sat Aug 18, 5:41 AM

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards said they would not bow to pressure and threatened to "punch" the U.S., in their first response to Washington's plan to list them as a terrorist organization, newspapers reported Saturday.

Local press in the Iranian capital of Tehran quoted Revolutionary Guards leader Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi saying that he could understand Washington's ire toward the group because of their "leverage" against the U.S.

"America will receive a heavier punch from the guards in the future," he was quoted as saying in the conservative daily Kayhan. "We will never remain silent in the face of U.S. pressure and we will use our leverage against them."

There was no elaboration on what Safavi meant by the punch or the organization's "leverage."

Can there be any doubt that this place needs to be turned into a parking lot? A prarie?

They will attack us just for LISTING them as terrorists? Wonder how our soldiers and marines who get to see these animals' IEDs and shit up close feel about this...

Burn the nest. Please...


Posturing. All nonsense.


Did you or did you not call them "axis of evil"?

Did you or did you not invade two or their neighboring countries?

Did you or did you not deploy warships to give them some heat?

Did you or did you not threaten to bomb them?

I am not surprised that they don't keep their mouths shut.

Didn't they teach you how to make friends HH? Overthrowing democratic regimes, threatening them of violence, and calling them names isn't the best way to go.


I agree. They wouldn't dare attempt anything large scale against the US, especially on our soil. They KNOW we can turn their land into a glass parking lot. They just don't like us being in the middle east. And lableling them as terrorists, which, ok, they do breed them, but not all, is telling them "make my day". They won't be quiet so as to seem stronger than they are. But they aren't the big threat.


They aren't a big threat, but I can't imagine any military being willing to do anything other than beat it's chest when there is trash talk going on.


Still want to defend these guys?

"Ahmadinejad: Israel Is Bearer of Satan
By Associated Press
Sat Aug 18, 7:18 AM

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saturday that Israel was the standard bearer of Satan and the Jewish state would soon fall apart, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported Saturday.

The agency quoted Ahmadinejad as he spoke at a religious conference and did not elaborate on what he meant by Satan. Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, however, Iran has regularly referred to the United States as "the Great Satan."

Suppose that a hornet nest is near your house and the hornets come in once in a while and you have to kill them or get stung. Is it better to fight them one by one or to wipe out the nest?


Honest question: Does the US need to defend Israel from Iran, or should Israel try to hold their own?

Wouldn't burning the nest make us more the "Great Satan" they label us?


Why is Iran calling Isreal the bearer of Satan the most terrible fucking thing ever?

But when we call Iran a racist anti semetic terrorist breeding nation headed by liars attempting to create nuclear weapons to destroy the world as part of an axis of EVIL, it's ok?

We're calling them the very definition of immoral, wicked, sinful, ie evil.

Again, as always, do as we say, not as we do. And don't tare talk back to us even after we've been openly considering invading your country for the past 5 years.

The nerve of those bastards!!!


And anyway, why give a shit about Israel?

Our ties with them has been nothing but detrimental to the safety of the United States.

There are no positives from an alliance with Israel. They get money and weapons, we get pissed off Arabs. What a beneficial relationship!


HH, if you repeat yourself, I will do so myself.

If you nuke pathetic Iran into the stone age (which won't happen, even the most aggressive plans will call only for a small number of tactical warheads), expect at least some of these to happen:

Russia will stay the recently adopted course of showing muscle, meaning more military, more bullying, more nuclear testing. America can bomb the world and it's OK? They are just as capable. And they are delighted that the megapiles of missles aren't useless anymore. And say hello to new president Putin!

Other countries, who had at best half-assed nuclear programs will actively and aggressively pursue to join the club.

The nuclear power Pakistan will hardly be happy if you plant mushrooms in their direct neighborhood. Even the most optimistic outlook will be massive radicalization.

The EU will be furious, confused, undecided and hopelessly at odds with itself. The possibilities are enormous here and each one is a step back from unity and peace.

You leaders will enforce a NAU at all costs as soon as possible to have access to more soldier material. After all, the US EMPIRE is in for some crazy infantry wars.

China will probably get Taiwan from the newly refreshed chickenhawks. While in history China wasn't very fond of outside wars (you could almost say, they were the most peaceful superpower ever) this will never continue in a world of aspiring hawks. The awakening Dragon will lick blood and he will like it.
Prepare to hear about the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in the future.

Moderate muslim countries will have a hard time to stop the loons and ayatollahs taking over. Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Indonesia...the list is long.

Surprise:there are winners, though. The international war (and oil) machine will get so fat like never, ever before. Hooray.


"America will receive a heavier punch from the guards in the future," he was quoted as saying in the conservative daily Kayhan. "We will never remain silent in the face of U.S. pressure and we will use our leverage against them."

This is the most important quote in the article IMO. If we will recieve a HEAVIER punch from the guards in the future, when exactly was the "first" punch? The Karbala Compound attack?

So, is the general admitting Iran funds, arms and trains terrorists in Iraq, or that the guard actively attacks US troops there?


Maybe Iran should follow some of your advice.


I agree and will add that if anyone launches a nuke against anyone esle, these events will precipitate. A single nuke in the air will cause global panic and in turn will cause more to rain down. No one wins, we will all suffer.


So what? If Bush says he is on a mission from God, all of that nonsense matters little.


True. I hope there is divine intervention before he embarks on his mission. I also hope there will be a human voice of reason, or even better, he hears our voices of reason before pushing the button. I don't want to see the aftermath or fall victim to it.


I believe he is.


Ahmadouchebag is the one that is on a mission from god and wants to precipitate armageddon.


Great, if both of them are on a mission from God, then we must be going down the right path!


Or perhaps, just maybe, American press mistranslated? They've mistranslated the Iran president's words numerous times in the past. I don't see why they couldn't have here.


From your perspective, maybe not.

From Bush's perspective, there most certainly are positives. For one, he gets AIPAC's blessings, which is almost as important as that of the NRA. He also gets closer to shacking hands with a resurrected Jesus.