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Iran Tell Obama to F** Off


I can't stand it! ROFLMAO! <- I hate this acronym but it just is what it is...
Perhaps the nimrod should use his diplomats to feel out the situation before sending a public video and look like a idiot...again.


You know, I am beginning to be glad he was elected, I haven't laughed this much in a long time...At least not because of politics...


I saw this on FOX over my lunch hour today. Iran obviously sees Obama for what he is; a snake oil salesman. It's a damn shame our country doesn't seem him in the same light.

I join you in your laughter.


I watched Obama's "message". It was pompous double-standard talk.

Obama accepts that Iran should take its "rightful place in the community of nations", but adds significantly: "That place cannot be reached through terror or arms." The measure of Iran's greatness is not "the capacity to destroy".

Honestly, what is he expecting? That the Iranian people bow to the US? Knowing that the latter supported Hussein when he went on his murderous rampage to the East, that Washington has ties with the Mujahideen Al-Khalk, that it's got a couple thousands nuclear bombs, that it's one of the greatest arms dealer the world has ever seen, that it uses terror on a regular basis?

The argument of "stop enriching uranium because I said so" doesn't work. Especially not given the American support for the Shah, Israel and its numerous bases encircling Iran.


So I guess we're going to war there too.


I think he is under the impression he can just talk anybody into anything. I don't mind sitting down with Iran, but you have delegates and ambassadors for a reason. You make proposals and feel them out, they tell you to fuck yourself, you just report back that they are not ready to talk.

That's what ambassadors are supposed to do. Take proposals to others and gage reaction. If positive, it moves up to the secretary of state and the process goes on. That's how you don't get made a fool of.

He just circumvented the entire process and was made a fool of again.

What else funny is it was the top story on the CNN website this morning, as soon as the reaction to the video broke, you can't even finds the story on the website anywhere...You just gotta love good old fashion yellow journalism.


[quote]SpartanX wrote:

I really hope not. We should be good for at least a few more decades unless someone attacks us.

If the CIA wasn't handcuffed we could settle most threats to our safety without war. An empowered CIA, special ops, and lifting the assassination ban would solve a shit load of problems. Does the CIA even have fighter pilots anymore?

It's fucking ridiculous how little information we have on many of the world's threats. Bring back the clandestine service and we won't need to turn scumbags like Hussein into a trillion dollar war.


TEHRAN, Iran ? The Iranian government brushed aside a Persian New Year's message Friday from President Barack Obama offering to resolve years of hostility, saying it wants concrete change from Washington before it's ready to enter a dialogue.


Heh. The Iranians turned around and put stipulations on any dialogue to be had.


What? Are you jealous or something?


FDR thought he could just talk anybody into anything and lost half of freaking Europe to the Soviets at Yalta.


Wow....just wow. I think we are seeing what the world think of Barry's resolve.

This is precisly the arguement against talking with people like this. You acknowledge and legitimize their position. I beleive some referred to this as empowerment while others laughed at the notion.

This presidency seems to be all about intent with no calculation of results.


Yeah. I don't want to go to war with Iran. And, will not support it. But, if we're going to negotiate some kind of outcome, an exchange of comprimises and concessions...

Remember the debate over talks with Iran? If we should include preconditions, or not, as a requirement for high level talks? Well, Iran just smacked Obama in the mouth and basically told him they have some pre-conditions THEY want met.


Iran don't believe in Obamas change either... who knew?


Excuse me, but if you seriously do not get why that speech was pompous self aggrandizing nonsense....

The US is going to lecture Iran about international relations and the responsible use of nuclear power and military might?

The only nation ever to have dropped the bomb and that has intervened in Iran again and again which lead to millions of dead Iranians is going to lecture a nation that has not started a war for over a century?


The Iran must live up to the US standards?


wouldn't be prudent


Not quite. Listen to Obama's speech and Khamenei's reponse.

Obama made it clear that the US wouldn't accept a nuclear Iran. Listen to what he said yourself, instead of relying on some press agency to give you the skinny. His words left little doubt that the sanctions will continue, and that Obama shits on Iran's unalienable right to enrich uranium. It didn't talk of any change in American policy towards Iran, nor did it even allude to one. He flattered the Iranian people and wished them well is all.

How bloody stupid does he think they are? That they would be so pleased about the personalized message and stop the turbines? At best, the speech will play in the hands of the opposition comes election time in Tehran. But I don't see the country opposing an energy independent Iran. I mean, how freakin' stupid do you people think Iranians are? There are grassroots movements opposed to many aspects of the Iranian status-quo, but nuclear energy isn't one of them.

The US, or any other nuclear country, bitching about Tehran's uranium enrichment program is pure hypocrisy.


Hey Lixy, you bash the hell out of the USA. List Iran's allies and let's take a look at their track record.

You've got nations involved in outright genocide, others ruled by dictators, and even ones who helped Saddam in his war against them. And the groups Iran back use terror to promote their agenda.

So Iran are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

If you doubt me, make the list.


Seriously, show me a picture of an Iraqi soldier (during the Iran-Iraq War) with Us equipment. The AK-47's, RPG's, military hardware and Skud Missiles are all Russian made.

How many million of dead Iranians were killed by Russian weapons?

Yet Iran is all cozy with Russia.

Iran can kiss our ass.


Heh. Yeah, it's "energy independence" they're after...Don't play dumb.


If that's the case, build a wind turbine.



No matter whether you love or hate the US, the Iranian response should come as no surprise. These people have their minds pretty well made up and B.O. has only
shown himself to be as clueless as we
should have known he was. Having said that, I understand he is writing another book about himself, so things should start improving.