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Iran + Syria + WMD=Bad



Thought I'd pop by and see how the forces of good are faring against lixy.

I was disappointed to see that there wasn't a headline about the recent death of iranians and syrians trying to mount WMD on SCUDS.

This story is alarming on many levels. First, with syria and iran's known support for terrorist organizations, it certainly isn't a stretch to imagine them disseminating these materials.

Second, the idea that they'd pool their resources in this "effort" makes the situation more dangerous. More resources invariably leads to more sophistication and increased numbers of weaponry.

Third, it's another confirmation of the hunger that syria has to proliferate wmd. This obvious interest on the syrian's part makes it seem more likely that this country would have been receptive to receiving saddam's wmd.



P.S. I can't wait to hear lixy try to justify this one. I can hear it now, "Oh, it's because Bush included them in the axis of evil."' Oh wait...


Good find, Jeff. So much goes on that we don't know about.


USA + Largest Military on Planet + Stupid warmongering neocons in power == Perpetual Warfare


HH, thanks.

I know you'll agree with my assertion that this is a problem.

This sort of story should trump oj simpson, britney spears and other crap.

Unfortunately, many important stories seem to go by the wayside.

I have to admit, I'm looking foward to hearing lixy's rationalization of this one.

I'm guessing something along the lines of: America supports Israel. Bush called iran "evil." Therefore, syria is justified in doing anything they want.

Sit back and enjoy.



Ah, lifty!!!

So, it's the U.S.'s fault!!!

Therefore, syria and iran can do no wrong!!!

Bush lied, everyone died!!!

bradley-lumpy-100meters, tell me how it is.



You are quite the simpleton--too many ideas for you to wrap your little brain around?


North Korea + Actually HAS Nukes = Worse


Yes. As we all know there was never warfare before the USA or neocons.


And you claim JeffR to be a simpleton?

Good grief.


Woohoo, more JeffR fear-mongering, courtesy of Rupert Murdoch.

How original!

Just so we're clear, the NYP quoting Janes about some "top-secret" op is not exactly evidence. But then again, you were never teh investigative type. Else, you wouldn't have fallen for the Iraq WMD scam in the 1st place.


Way to dance around the points of the article. Lixy, my radical jihadist sympathiser friend, you're a fraud.


lixy, that was a HORRIBLE retort.

Come on, don't you have SOMETHING in that manual of yours to deal with a situation like this?

I know, I didn't make it very easy for you. Headed your usual scapegoats off.

For you, lixy, I'll give you a list of "Murdoch" sites:





Check the countries reporting.

Murdoch MUST be a very powerful man.



Who will you blame when Bush and his crew are out of office?


North Korea has Nukes but is starving to death.


And Iran is such a greater threat?


Iran isn't really a threat to the U.S., certainly not an existential one. They don't have nuclear weapons, and even if they did, we'd have a couple thousand more than them. If you think Iran would hand nuclear weapons to terrorists, you need a course in common sense.

Let's try logic here, huh? If we take this story at face value, it's the Post, a tabloid, but Jane's is pretty reputable, great, Syria has lots of chemical weapons and is mounting them on short range ballistic missiles. Big fucking deal. Mustard gas has been around since the First World War, sarin almost as long. Chemical weapons are less deadly than high explosives of equal weight - that's why the term WMD is a politicized term for idiots and for those who con idiots. Not entirely sure which of the two categories best fits the NY Post.

Syria has chemical weapons. Israel has nukes. Syria is not even a threat to Israel, let alone to us. Instead of this stupid cowardly hide-under-the-bed fear mongering WMD stuff, a smart administration would be pushing the Israelis to negotiate with Syria (which the Israelis are already doing at low levels) to break them off from Iran, which helps Israel, us, Iraq, the Palestinians, etc. Instead we get moronic WMD fears.



I would like you to go back and read your most recent post. Then read it again.

It is filled with assumptions that are pretty damn thin.

Your mind seemingly CANNOT grasp the concept of using front groups to do the dirty work.

Here's syria and al qaeda:


Here's al qaeda and wmd:


Now, don't respond to this for a couple of days. Think about it.

Now you tell me which one of our premises is more likely.

Yours: "No threat from these groups."

Mine: "Serious threat from hostile regimes and their surrogates."

I'd be interested to see if your mind is flexible enough to consider other alternatives.

Good luck.




It is actively working with hostile regimes and groups to sow terror.

It's on a crash course to develop nuclear weaponry.

It's working on it's chemical WMD dispersion methods with other regimes.

Further, they are actively killing Americans, Afghani's and Iraqis in Iraq and Afghanistan.

north korea isn't even in the same ballpark as iran as a threat.





You think warmongering neocons are limited to the Republican party only?

Guess again.