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Iran Snuffs Iranian Anti-Ahmadinejad


Iran judiciary seals offices of news Web site

24 September 2007

TEHERAN - Iran's judiciary has sealed off the offices of a popular news Web site critical of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's policies after journalists continued to update it despite official filtering, the Web site said.

Rights groups and diplomats say there is a broad crackdown on dissenting voices in the Islamic state, which is under growing Western pressure over its disputed nuclear programme. The authorities deny such moves, saying they allow free speech.

Blocking access to Baztab.com earlier this year was seen as part of the clampdown. Updates to the Web site, which is published in English and Farsi, were still available to Internet users outside Iran until the offices were sealed.

The last item on the Web site carried the headline: "The wish of the presidential office was realised and Baztab's offices were sealed off". The site, when accessed via a link outside Iran, indicated it was last updated on Sept. 23.

�??Baztab�??s offices were sealed off on Wednesday. The judiciary says that as the Web site has been filtered, its offices should be closed down as well, Mohammad Javad Barbarian, Baztab's managing director, was quoted by Etemad-e Melli daily as saying.

Baztab was banned in February on several charges, including "spreading lies". It reopened in March and continued to publish articles critical of the government, particularly its economic policies. It was filtered again -- meaning access was blocked -- in April.

Baztab is the second news Web site to be banned in recent months. Iran's labour news agency, ILNA, which often reported on workers protests and arrests of rights activists, was closed by the authorities in July.

In addition, two prominent pro-reform newspapers, Ham Mihan and Sharq, both critical of the government, have been shut down.

Although Iran says it allows free speech, journalists say they have to tread carefully between a growing number of "red lines" to avoid closure. Iran's culture minister in July said there were signs of a "creeping coup" in the country's press."


Burn the nest...


So what, we have a dedicated right wing propaganda channel in the form of fox news...owned by murdoch of course, and the man also owns just about every other news outlet in the U.S. He is well known for slanting and completely suppressing stories not in line with his agenda.

There hasn't been a free press in the U.S. since the muckrakers of the early 1900s. The clampdown on real news is total and absolute.

Come on man, bush talks about moveon.org's comments on tv, and then there's a senate vote to condemn the website...lol...and why? Because they are critical of that asshole bush. What's the difference? Wow, they block access over there- so fuckin what. They do the same in korea and china and a lot of other places. Get off the bandwagon, troll.


Does FoxNews shut down opposing viewpoints?


"You know you're doing something right when you've reduced hordes of liberals to blind, sputtering rage."
--- Ann Coulter


...So a nation in the middle east is limiting freedom of speech? No way! Impossible!

How are our friends the Saudi's and Paki's doing on that front HH?


"You know you're a complete moron when you counter arguments with Ann Coulter's quotes."
-- Unknown


Regarding Iran suppressing viewpoints:
"Um.... surprse...?"

Regarding China, Korea, and a lot of other places doing the same thing:
"I guess that makes it ok then."

Regarding Murdoch controlling the world:
"Channel - up"


Or Burma, Sudan, Russia, China, Vietnam....the list goes on. Should we "burn the nest" there too you idiot?


They sure do.




And that's pretty recent stuff. You have to be dumb, deaf and blind if you don't realize Fox News is the propaganda network of the neocon hijacked GOP.


Those links work. FoxNews didn't shut them down.


Not a word about your hero deciding to close a web site and 2 newspapers which didn't espouse his goodness?


If they decide to wipe our allies off the map, send weapons and support into Iraq, intend to use nukes and say so (how else would they wipe Israel off the map?), then sure. Light 'em up.


I didn't think it was necessary to point out that you're supposed to read the content at those sites...

Forgot you mentioned "I are an engineer" at some point, and that you need very detailed instructions.


I don't think you understand the topic. Ahmadouchebag shuts down the sites that criticize him. FoxNews does not.



You guys are so used to that two-party system that your brains refuse to comprehend the difference between someone who doesn't think Ahmadinejad is the incarnation of Satan and someone who idolizes him.


No need. Murdoch ends up buying them.

Name one third-world country where there is no censorship. And what is it with comparing Iran to the US in terms of freedom of speech? I'll remind you that Tehran doesn't operate in the terms of the US constitution.


Exactly the problem.




If you are not against him, you are with him. You lover of murderous animals, you.


I love irony, though.

You asked if they shutdown opposing viewpoints, which they do, on air; not websites. They still try, though: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2003/06/25/faux_news_parody_site_draws/