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Iran Exports Terrorism


Iran is fighting a proxy war against the West against by using terrorist groups as its army. Groups like Hezbollah, Ansar Al Islam, and even some franchises of Al Queda are funded and armed by Iran. Although Iran claims to pursue peaceful goals in the middle east, its backing of any terrorist group opposed the United States reveals it true intentions.

Hezbollah is Iran's proxy army to fight Isreal, although Isreal has never conducted operations against Iran. Iran funds and trains Hezbollah through direct contact in Lebanon and from camps in Iran. IGRC (Iranian Republican Guard Corps) officers routinely meet with Hassan Nazrallah, a fact Nazrallah has admitted to in the press while thanking the Iranians after last year's war against Isreal.

IGRC also provides weapons technicians and weapons experts for some of Hezbollah's more complex weaponry, such as the anti-ship missle that struck an Isreali warship off of the Lebanese coast during the war.
Ansar Al-Islam is a Kurdish-Sunni terrorist group formed in 2001 from several smaller kurdish extremist groups. It was heavily involved in fighting in Northern Iraq prior to the US invasion in 2003, and stated as it goal the establishment of an Islamic Kurdistan. AAIs ideology is nearly identical to Al Queda and they attempt to establish a Taliban like rule wherever they set up camp. Iran supported AAI prior to 2003 because of its opposition to Saddam Hussien and its opposition to the Kurd groups that were conducting attacks in Iran.

Iran supports AAI now to weaken the US influence in Iraq. AAI has an extensive European network, run out of Norway by its leader Mullah Krekar. Iran will probably use AAI to conduct attacks in Germany and the UK if the coalition forces in Iraq attack Iran.

Iran backs several of Al Queda's franchise organizations in the Middle East in order to weaken US influence and weaken the governments of UAE, Qatar, and Yemen. Iran will be able to export its Islamic Revolution more successfully if the governments of its target countries are less influential.
Supporting Sunni terrorist groups seems counter-productive to Iran's goals, but Iran has a very utilitarian approach. It throws its support to whatever terrorist group can achieve its national goals at that time, be they sunni (AAI and Al Queda) or Shia (Hezbollah). Iran is not pursuing a peaceful agenda, and is using its minimal diplomatic efforts to stall and delay US and EU efforts to stop its nuclear program and encourage democratic reform.
We are currently at war with Iran, or at least with its proxies, and Iran is the agressor.


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Oh no!

They run covert options and finance resistance movements to pursue their legitmate interests in their sphere of influence.


I.E I'll downplay violence against civilians from Iranian terrorist proxies, while harping on the US. That's two posters on this board who've recently shedded their anti-war pacifist facades.


I did not downplay anything.

I just measure everyone with the same yardstick.

Plus, I never claimed to be a pacifist.


Does Iran have any more or less of a legitimate interest in Iraq than we do? The Middle East, like it or not, is in the sphere of influence of the United States. We conduct our operations in the open in Iraq, and are rebuilding the infrastructure. Iran funds the Mahdi Army and the Badr Brigades, and through that funding supports the targeting of civilians.


What isn't?


Well, Iraq is in Iran sphere of influence because it is right next to it.

By financing and training the Iranian branch of the Kurdish resistance you not only do not run all your operations in the open, you also help groups that target civilians.

Same thing really.


So what makes us more wrong than them? As I said before, Iraq is in our shpere of influence.


And as I asked before, do you consider any Earthly location to be outside your sphere of influence? Heck, that National Space Policy Bush signed a while back goes as far as to claim outer space.



I have no problem with the "Great Game" people.

I have problems with the "holier than thou, how dare they?" people.

Just trying to keep it real.


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My Farsi stinks.


And most of their strength coaches stink too.


Nearly every country is within the US sphere of influence and interest. The American people demand energy, access to goods, access to markets and security. We have to have contact with world, and set the conditions in the world for favorable relations with the United States. Space is certainly within our sphere of interest, it is vital to our security and communications.


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Link me to one such board and watch me raise hell-

Lixy is of course invited.


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