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Iran --- Doing Something RIGHT!


Iran Hangs 17 Drug Smugglers
Wednesday, September 05, 2007

TEHRAN, Iran �?? Iran hanged 17 men Wednesday in the latest round of group executions over the past few months, state media reported.

"After legal procedures, 17 individuals were hanged on the charges of drug smuggling in Khorasan Razavi province this morning," state television reported.

The province borders Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, a major source of the world's heroin, some 1,000 kilometers east of the capital Tehran.

Over July and August, Iran hanged 21 other people on charges of rape, robbery and kidnapping, which along with drug trafficking, are all capital offenses in Iran."


Well I am prolegalization so this is just yet another example of Islamic barberism to me. If I lived in Iran, I certainly would like to be as high as humanly possible all the time anyway. Now a few more people get to feel the sting of the radical baton.


Man, do you think that drove up the price of heroine on the black market?


I don't know about that. I mean, they went by the book here. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not like it's a surprise over there.

It's also worth noting that drug dealers are executed all the time in China but heroine's price is unaffected by any of that.


Damn, I hope not!


I'm shocked a dead head would want to be high as humanly possible!

You know, I'm also surprised USA TV producers haven't contacted Iran to air these executions. It'd be an instant hit. Totally serious. They'd make ka-jillions.


You could probably find them on line somewhere. I saw a guy in Iran being hanged from a bulldozer shovel. There was another great one of a guy 's arms chained between 2 cars pointing in the opposite direction. Guess what happened when the cars drove off?


In all sincerity, I'm not in the least interested in seeing someone put to death. I know the mass public would like to watch.

In fact, I would hypothesize that if there was a "Friday Night Lights Out" program that aired capital punishments executed, there would be less murders. Slake the thirst for meeting out death, and the masses may be less inclined to do it; they can wait for Friday to see it and through it, live the experience vicariously.


True, I need little incentive....


It seems highly unlikely that such a method of execution be condoned by the Iranian authority. They're bad alright, but not THAT much.

I challenge the veracity of your post.