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Iran 'Directed' Washington, D.C., Terror Plot, U.S. Says


Big news, folks.



C'mon, guys...

I refuse to believe that "PWI" is losing some of it's "Mojo"!

This was OBVIOUSLY a misdirection by the Obama Administration to take the heat off of Holder, right?



I call BS, this is jsut a pretense for war. Another Lusitania, Tonkin etcetera.


Why on earth would they want to assassinate him!


Yeah, it sucks that Amerika no longer has a monopoly on this sort of thing.



I don't draw a moral equivalence between a nation that is willing to execute religious apostates and this country. Do you have anything to say about Iran's actions?


A war with Iran would consolidate a second term for Obama, no doubt.
Everything else would immediately be ignored by the media.
QE-infinity, rationing, price and wage controls, massively expanded "security" measures and imprisonment of journalists/businessmen, all coming down the line afterwords.


I don't have much to say about Iran's actions. They have thugs running the place, just as we do here in the U.S, they just happened to be worse.

I do think it is comical for Amerikans to try and hold Iran to a standard we (the government) can't even uphold ourselves. A cursory knowledge of Amerikan involvement in Iranian affairs over the last 60 years or so would show that Iran has every right to hate us and/or the government.


Would have had much to say if your fellow citizens were killed in a terrorist action backed by Iran? And, do yourself a favor, drop the K. Amerikans? Seriously, it makes you into a caricature.


Nah, I'll keep the "k" in Amerika. Much more fitting anyway.

I would probably feel the same way as the Iranians who watched the Amerikan puppet, The Shah, terrorize their fellow countrymen.


I find some of the comments here and elsewhere about this plot more disturbing than the plot itself.


Ok, nothing to discuss then.



Let me ask you all this. Pull your heads out of your asses for just one second...
Why the hell would Iran want to assassinate the Saudi ambassador? Or bomb the Israeli embassy?

Think about it, every prior 'Iranian' attack were just the fruits of guerrilla groups they grew, not Iranians acting directly.

What marginal benefit does Iran gain from killing or bombing those two? In the case of the Saudi Ambassador, he will be martyred and then replaced. Nothing accomplished, he is just an economic pawn. In the case of the Israeli embassy, it would just further ferment support for Zionism in the USA, at a time when it is at an all time low.

The Iranians are a LOT of things but they are not bone-heads. I'd have bough that the Iranians were planning a false-flag attack on a Muslim community center to demonize the Jews or something.

The entire operation they have presented however, is nonsense.
The gov't would have investigated and perhaps taken it to Mexico...what the fukk, kind of motive would Mexican Narco-Terorists have had for killing Saudis and Jews? It would have had Qom written all over it, even if implemented correctly.

The entire operation Chevrolet has absolutely ZERO benefit for Iran. 0 economic, 0 political, and 0 military benefit. It doesn't add up.

Now don't give me a load of crap about "THEY ARE CRAZY" - crazy like foxes and not like kids with down syndrome. Even if they were that zealous and crazy, there's one huge glaring question...

It is documented Hezbollah is operating on the US border and in South America. They have established links and have more or less trained the Cartels in their perfected car bombing, tunnelling and other insurgency tactics. Knowing all this, as you alarmists would be the first to blow up Hezbollah-Cartel involvement in any discussion. KNOWING THIS...

Why the hell would the Iranians resort to Floridian-amateur-night-ring-up-DEA-agent-for-an-assassination? Their contacts are already established through Hezbollah, and Hezbollah would actually give them a buffer fall guy.

As I said, this entire thing makes 0 sense. It is far mroe probable that this is just a way for the American deep state to entangle us in another war while our economy goes down in flames so that we find ourselves enslaved by foreign debt so that a plutocracy can live fat and extra-free.


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The saudis and Iranians hate each other. Or at least their governments do.


This is one area where I would have trusted the McCain administration much more.


Wow......that pretty much sums you right up.

Take advantage of the freedoms offered by this country, and spit on it at the same time.

Shouldn't you be in NYC chanting into a mic right now?


There are no freedoms "offered" by this country. You are free by default and incremental less free with more government. The U.S. Constitution has been the best in history of chaining the centralization of power that stifles those freedoms. Unfortunately, this union is only MORE perfect, not infallible and is rapidly approaching an end.



I would think the overthow of a democratically elected leader because he nationalized the country's own oil resources, to replace him with a Saddam type dictator would be cause for Iran to not like us.

Hate to say it, but the West (US and Britain) started this whole mess.