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Ipod: Watching Videos


I've heard the ipod can store videos.

How can I get a DVD on mine?
I just got robot chicken. And that would be great to watch on my 30gb


You need an iPod video. The other models either dont do it at all or its terrible. Google DVD on ipod and you'll get 100's of results.


is ipod video a software program?
I got one of the newer ipods. Got the newer black 30gb with color.

Does this have the capability or software in it?


Its the newest iPod. Technically its called iPod AV.

No you need bootleg software to be able to do it. use google.


Try a program called PQDVD... i bought it use it and its very easy.


Agreed. I just bought it for my PSP and you can basically download any DVD to the appropriate device. Aside from waiting for DVD to copy into MP4 format (you have to sit through the entire running time of whatever it is), it couldn't be easier to use.

Now I don't have to buy seperate PSP movies.